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Back To The Gym, Or Home Workouts FTW? Here’s Everything You Need

shreddy at home fitness resistance bands

Back To The Gym, Or Home Workouts FTW? Here’s Everything You Need

shreddy at home fitness resistance bands

Lockdown has instilled new habits (good and bad!) in us all. For the Fashionbite team, an uptick in at-home training has helped pass the time, becoming a part of the day we’ve looked forward to, rather than dreaded. Sticking with online workouts (thank God for Ciara Madden) and running outdoors has definitely helped us tackle the tougher months.

So, we thought we’d share the products that have helped us switch things up. Protein-rich foods and powders have become a lockdown essential, helping maintain hard-fought new muscle tone after sweaty HIIT classes and 5Ks. Giving your body what it needs to recover after lifting weights can be surprisingly hard (there’s only so many chicken breasts one can eat)! Here are our faves…

Myvegan Pea Protein Isolate, Myprotein

pea protein myprotein

We love Myvegan Pea Protein Isolate‘s zero sugar approach, with only 107 calories per serving. Made of pea protein, it’s totally vegan, and contains all nine of the essential amino acids. These occur naturally in protein which helps to build and repair new muscle – ideal for all types of training. Boost your bakes and kitchen creations with some extra plant-power, just by adding a scoop or two to your favourite recipes.

Myvegan Clear Vegan Protein, Myprotein

myprotein refreshers

Based on the iconic sweets from your childhood, Refreshers and Drumstick, these inventive clear drinks can help satisfy your sweet-tooth and boost your protein intake all in one. Great if you can’t face a thick shake or you’re looking to switch things up – and with only 1g of sugar per serving. We love that one glass contains 50% of all your B vitamins and 10g of protein.

Powdered Peanut Butter, PBFIt

powdered peanut butter pb fit


Quickly becoming the No.1 selling peanut butter on Amazon in the US after its release, PBfit promises the same taste and texture for only 70 calories (a third of a usual serving). We like this for blending, baking and shaking – you can mix it into chocolate breads, pancakes or waffles to create a lovely flavour. Best of all, it’s made from only three ingredients: peanuts, coconut palm sugar, and kosher salt – all natural and gluten-free.

Protein Hot Chocolate, Myprotein

protein hot chocolate

Protein hot chocolate, yes! Dark, wintery nights spent pounding the pavements were spent thinking about a cup of this as soon as we got in the door. OK, it’s not as tasty as a blend from Hotel Chocolat frothed up with a Velvetiser, but if you’re dieting, it’s a fab alternative. Creamy, sweet and packed with milk protein, it has 70% less sugar than alternatives – plus a whopping 14g of protein per serving.

Double Dough Brownies, Myprotein

myprotein double dough

As you can probably tell by now, we’ve become a bit obsessed with Myprotein. Giving up chocolate is definitely one of the hardest parts of focusing on fitness, so we love that these super indulgent (and *very* filling) Double Dough brownies help hit protein goals and provide an excuse to enjoy something really sweet with a cup of tea. They’re so satiating, we’ve actually taken to slicing them in half and saving some for later cravings.

At-home help

If you’re nervous about going back to the gym just yet, check out Shreddy‘s colourful kit collection and home workout offering. We’ve loved tackling sore spots with a foam roller (helps circulation and keeps you in a full range of motion) and targeting specific muscles with long, heavy resistance bands for quick workouts (we’ll admit, sometimes in front of the TV…). Our hero, though?

Main Squeeze Heavy Resistance Band, Shreddy

shreddy resistance band

Discovering resistance bands over lockdown has been a revelation. Discovery No.1? They *work*. Like *really* work, to give you a toned butt and strong legs, in a relatively short space of time. No. 2? They hurt like hell while doing so. And No.3? A lot of bands are made from stretchy rubber, that slides up your legs, twists, and generally annoys the hell out of everyone trying to get results. Shreddy offer a polyester, custom cotton and rubber blend band, that stays put. They’re latex-free, completely vegan and come in a sustainable cotton drawstring pouch for taking on your travels or in your gym bag. Plus, covered in cute neon watermelons. Love.

Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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