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The Skincare Brand You Need To Know About

MAKE Skincare, the skincare brand you need to know about

The Skincare Brand You Need To Know About

This under-the-radar skincare brand needs to be top of your list. Hand-made in Somerset by Mary Temperley (sister of Alice), it is packed full of natural plant-derived ingredients which have been picked to work on the skin, whilst also being harmless when absorbed by the body. The strapline is: “we believe what you put on your skin should be safe enough to eat.” I’ve bought these products myself (no press gifts) and they are brilliant, on multiple levels. I interview MAKE Skincare founder Mary in her Somerset studio, overlooking her parents’ cider farm a few miles down the road…

Mary Temperley, MAKE Skincare

Mary Temperley, founder of MAKE Skincare

“I approach making cream, the same way I approach food. I hope there’s a revolution in skincare, like there has been in food,” Mary Temperley.

Q. What inspired you to launch MAKE Skincare?

“I did a course about twenty years ago, where I learnt what goes into general cosmetics and was horrified. I thought the only thing is to create something myself. I fell in love with the process, the science of it is a bit like cooking, and I love cooking. It was also a way for me to get back to the countryside.”

Q. You previously worked with your sister, Alice, at fashion label Temperley London. What learnings did you take from this into your own brand?

“I started it with Alice and another girl. We were in a flat and we all did everything. It was a great learning curve about how to build a business. It gave me the confidence to do my own thing. I’ve taken a different route with MAKE, and decided to grow my brand slowly. Having a family, with four children, I wanted to keep things manageable until my youngest starts school in September. I have a strong online business, with 50 shops stocking the brand. That’s the part I enjoyed about Temperley, when it was tiny. You can also make mistakes when you’re small, without anyone noticing.”

Q. How do you create the products?

“All products are hand-made by myself and two others, in my Somerset studio. We make them in batches of 50-100 boxes at a time. I use a lot of different ingredients (about 25 in the Rose Day Cream) including rose otto, geranium, sandalwood and lavendar essential oils, hyaluronic acid, kiwi seed, apricot and macadamia oils, vitamins A,C and E, aloe vera and spilanthes acmella flower extract. I launched the face cream first, I did about ten years’ of research into what actually works on your skin. I wanted the right balance of essential oils, not too greasy but not too dry. As you get older, it’s all about moisture.”

Q. Do you use any ingredients from your family farm?

“Yes, we recently launched a hand sanitiser, using the apple alcohol from my parents’ farm. Distilling is an amazing process and making things is in my blood. My ambition would be to start growing our own ingredients, I can see myself driving up and down a lavender field in a tractor.”

Q. What are your thoughts on ‘greenwashing’ by some beauty and skincare brands?

“Lots of the big brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Some are calling their products ‘natural,’ when there’s 15% natural ingredients and 85% crap. There is so much misleading information out there. I approach making cream, the same way as I approach food. I hope there’s a revolution in skincare, like there has been in food. People will get more savvy to what they’re putting on their bodies as well as inside them, it will be the next thing. Certain things in creams are known carcinogenics, which are not allowed in food. We use food grade emulsifier in our products for example, the same used to make vegan ice-creams. This is where our strapline ‘we believe what you put on your skin should be safe enough to eat,’ comes from.”

Q. What are your ambitions for MAKE Skincare?

“I’d like to have the products entirely refillable. I always imagined it could be like a deli, where food and skincare would be refilled. I launched a non-for-profit NHS box, the next one I’d like to do is for cancer.”

Q. You have 4 children – how do you balance running your own business with family life?

“My offices and studio are about half a mile from the school. I drop them off at school and go straight into work. I try to get everything done in the school hours, or when they’re in bed. It is not an easy juggle though. During lockdown, I set up a little school in the garden.”

Q. How do you switch-off?

“I love reading in the bath, gardening and a glass of wine!”


I use the Face Glow as a night serum, which has moringa, rosehip and vitamin E face oil with rose, geranium and sandalwood. In addition to the Eye Rejuvenate marine algae eye cream, with camellia seed oil and vitamin E. For the day time, I use the Rose Day Cream with kiwi seed oil and hyaluronic acid. This is my third time buying the products. They smell amazing, a subtle fragrance of rose coming through which is calming and relaxing, but the texture is also fantastic. I find that with some natural skincare brands the texture of the creams in particular can be quite tacky and difficult to rub in, whereas the Rose Day Cream glides on and soaks in immediately. It leaves my skin feeling soft, but with a matte finish it’s – the perfect base to apply make-up!

*Please excuse the unkept brows! This is a genuine morning shot.

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