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INTERIORS: The Most Instagrammed Houseplants Revealed!

INTERIORS: The Most Instagrammed Houseplants Revealed!

Our obsession for horticulture in the home shows no sign of waning, particularly on social media, with over 4 million posts using the hashtag #houseplants on Instagram. But, can you guess the most Instagrammable houseplant…?


Photo Credit: Panattar, Shutterstock

It comes as no surprise, but the trend for Cactuses is here to stay! With more than 23 million posts, cactus is the most instagrammable houseplant, as revealed by research from home advice website

Known for its striking shape, size, and colours, it is the perfect accompaniment to your living space, whether perched on a windowsill or displayed on your shelves. Not to mention cactus’s only need to be watered occasionally.

Following in second place is Hoya, with its distinctive waxy almond shaped foliage and scented flowers, with more than 2 million posts on Instagram. In third place is Monstera, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant. This dark green, glossy holed leaved plant is a striking addition to the home and is tagged over 1.6 million times on Instagram.

If you’re looking for a house plant that will also help purify the air, the top 3 are below:

  1. Snake plant – 300,605 hashtags
  2. Chinese Evergreen – 242,599 hashtags
  3. Spider Plant – 230,078 hashtags


It’s not just a plant, but the pot or basket/container that can really transform the look of a space. Here’s some of our favourite lifestyle shops to buy them…

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