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Nike to launch first maternitywear collection, Nike (M)

Nike launches maternitywear, FashionBite 1

Nike to launch first maternitywear collection, Nike (M)

Nike is launching its first ever maternitywear collection, which has been developed using sustainable materials. The new range, called Nike (M), intends to support women during all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

The brand says the new collection has been created by combing through over 150,000 comparison scans of non-pregnant women against those of pregnant women. Designers have gathered detailed feedback on fit, feel and function from nearly 30 female athletes who were pregnant or postpartum and it has been made with materials ranging from 78-88% recycled polyester.

Nike launches maternitywear, FashionBite 2

 “The more we listened to expecting mothers and postpartum mothers, the more we learned, reworked and innovated through inclusive design.”

Nike design director for apparel innovation, Carmen Zolman

Nike launches maternitywear, FashionBite 3

The four-piece capsule collection includes the Nike (M) Pullover, Swoosh Bra, Tank and Nike One (M) Tight. Prices range between £30-70.


“As someone who pretty much lived in black leggings throughout 3 pregnancies, I love the look of this new collection. It’s aboucomfort, but also support, particularly if you’re continuing with sport during pregnancy. It’s not just about pregnancy though, the big area that doesn’t get talked about much is postpartum.

Unbelievably, I packed my ‘normal’ clothes in my hospital bag for the birth of my first child, Livia. I literally thought you had the baby and were back to normal. How wrong was I! A good friend told me that it’s 9 months on and 9 months off and in my case, that has been absolutely accurate. We’re all different though and our bodies behave in different ways.

I’m actually amazed that this is the first time Nike has launched maternitywear! The journey with your body throughout pregnancy and beyond, particularly after multiple babies, can be a hard one. I’ll be writing about this more in another post, but anything that supports this and makes us feel good about ourselves and able to continue doing the things we love is a good thing.”

What do you think? Will you be wearing it?

Nike (M) launches online from September 17. You can buy it here:

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