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New Mummy Beauty “Essentials”

New Mummy Beauty “Essentials”

New Mummy beauty essentials/ FashionBite

Ok, “essentials” is probably applied a bit liberally here. I’m not sure nail varnish counts as an essential, but these are some handy, beauty items that will help make your life a bit easier…when you’ve got a new baby in tow.

Dry Shampoo was my saving grace in the early weeks with Livia. She wouldn’t let me put her down, for even a few seconds, so a shower was often out of the window. A spritz of dry shampoo and a face wipe had to suffice.

No-water hand soap I would definitely describe as a nappy bag essential. There are so many times you’re caught out with an exploding poo nappy – the one that goes up the back, down the sides and everywhere in between. It will often be at the most inconvenient moment when you’re nowhere near a loo too.

Your hands will also become very dry, from washing them many times a day after nappy changes to holding on to the pram handle in cold weather, so a bit of hand TLC when the baby’s asleep is always a welcome treat!

I love the Kester Black nail varnish collection and they’re certified organic/vegan status means you’re not putting chemicals on to your body if you’re breast feeding too. The same goes for Burt’s Bees Baby products, this moisturiser is actually meant for baby but it’s really lovely on dry, cracked hands.

HIT LIST: Batiste Dry Shampoo (£4.99), Merci Handy Hello Sunshine Hand Cleansing Gel (£2.90), Burt’s Bees Baby moisturiser (£8.99, Kester Black Nail Varnish (£12.50).

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