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REVIEW: Benefit lash & brow tint

REVIEW: Benefit lash & brow tint

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“Amazing eyebrows are the easiest, most important thing you can do to make yourself look and feel more gorgeous. They instantly show off your eyes, reveal your beauty and polish your overall look”.

This is is what the Benefit beauty gurus have to say about eyebrows, or in my case, sparse arches of blonde hair hovering above even blonder lashes. Throughout the month of May Benefit were offering a free full-size Gimme Brow (worth £18.50) to any consumers who purchased a brow wax.

The aim was to donate one hundred percent of profits from brow wax services to Look Good Feel Better, who help women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment, and Refuge which supports women and children escaping domestic violence.

Blessed with pale skin and strawberry-blonde locks, mascara’s been my best friend since Year 7 – but eyebrow shaping and tinting is a relatively new venture for me (I’m ashamed to admit at the ripe old age of 25). Urged by my talented friend and beauty journalist Zara Kenyon, and keen to spread word about the campaign, I booked into the Carnaby Street Boutique in Soho.


An hour later, having been offered a bottle of water and been treated with total kindness by two lovely therapists, I left feeling invigorated (and ready for a bare-faced holiday – enough to strike fear in any make up addict’s heart), finally understanding that brows really can frame your face, regardless of how thin.

The therapist began by applying their trademark black-blue specialist tint to my lashes, which was left on for 14 minutes for maximum effect. A warm, peppery feeling washed over my eyelids as the end of the dye process neared, but I was assured this was normal (but to notify staff if it became uncomfortable).

Next my eyebrows were waxed and shaped (barely painful at all), then covered in the lightest dye shade (I was advised darker shades could look too harsh against my skin tone) – having both tended to in one sitting is a great time saver, and easy to book in one appointment.

Check out this brilliant brow video, which captures Benefit’s fun and friendly approach to beauty:

The effects were immediate – handed the mirror, a make up-free face looked as dolled up as it would for a day a work – perfect for lazy holidays when you don’t want to be applying make up every few hours, but a totally bare face still strikes fear in your heart. Lasting 3-4 weeks (be wary of rubbing your eyes and using strong make up remover), it’s a great investment for the summer months. I urge you to book an appointment the night before you jet off – the feel-good factor sticks around a lot longer than your tan.

What’s more, the store stocks a ton of products to help you top up your treatments on the go – Gimme Brow (£18.50), is applied like a mascara to add a little natural-looking colour once the dye begins to fade, and we can report it really works – ideal for touch-ups on the tube.

This awesome campaign saw Benefit donate a total of £262,000 to the two charities – a real success. We look forward to even better things (and brows) next year!

Salon address: 10 Carnaby StreetLondon, W1F 9PF


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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