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A Winter Skin Ritual With Elemental Herbology

Elemental Herbology, FashionBite review

A Winter Skin Ritual With Elemental Herbology

Elemental Herbology, FashionBite review 2

Always on the lookout for products which are natural and free from synthetic nasties, but also actually perform, I’m a big fan of the Elemental Herbology brand.

It takes a holistic approach to good skincare, looking at lifestyle and nutrition as all big factors  in a great regime, which I’m a firm believer of. The toxins you ingest, the stress you feel on a daily basis, your diet, the amount you exercise and how happy you feel are all big factors in how your skin looks and no matter how many hundreds of pounds you spend on products, you can’t hide what lies beneath. Having said that, there are products that can really help.

For the last month, I’ve been trying out one of the latest launches from the brand, the Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream (£55), which has received rave reviews from the beauty press and I can see why. It’s marketed as “good for the early signs of aging”, so a great product if you’re in your mid to late thirties and contains natural AHA’s from apples sugar and milk which are intended to shed dull cells and promote brighter skin, along with Kakadu Plym – a rich source of vitamin C to “promote radiance”. The rich texture of the cream is incredibly moisturising but not oily at all, so it sinks into my skin without leaving it greasy or shiny, so great to go under make-up.

A Winter Skin Ritual With Elemental Herbology

I’ve been combining it with the Cell Food Radiance and Vitality facial serum (£45) which is another fantastic product, again light in application with a mild fragrant scent that doesn’t sit heavily on the skin but feels like it’s doing a lot more. Described as a “powerhouse of proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants”, it gives tired, dull skin an intense vitamin boost, which helps it looking a lot fresher, particularly first thing in the morning.

For a night time body ritual, I’ve also been soaking in their Detox Bath Infusion (£20) and it smells absolutely incredible, the whole bathroom fills with the rich scent and it’s so relaxing.

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