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BEAUTY: How To Look Good On No Sleep

Beauty: how to put a spring in your step? FashionBite

We’re all told to get more sleep, drink more water and eat well to look our absolute best, I totally agree! But, let’s face it, when you’re in the throws of young children or working your arse off all hours, you’re probably not getting what’s needed.

I wake up most mornings barely able to summon up enough energy to say my own name and my skin is really taking it’s toll. I’ve been trying out some new skincare treatments and will be sharing all over the coming weeks, but in the meantime – what’s needed??

A bright red lipstick, some fresh, summery perfume and a seriously good under eye concealer. You’ll look better, smell better and feel better. Look, if you can’t get what you need, then just wing it! It’s amazing what a bright lip can do for the soul and it doesn’t have to cost the earth…

Hit List: Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows (£15), Hollister California Wave 2 (£25) and Collection Intense Shine Gel Lipstick (£4.99).Sign-Up To FashionBite’s Weekly News

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