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Din Tai Fung’s Custard Bun-nies Are Adorable

custard buns din tai fung

Din Tai Fung’s Custard Bun-nies Are Adorable

WHAT? Cult Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung are celebrating Chinese Autumn Festival at their new London outpost, by adorning their already cute, stupidly tasty yellow custard buns with bunny ears and cute button noses. It’d all be a little bit too much, weren’t they – and everything else on the sizeable menu – so goddamn tasty.

Like you needed another excuse to get in the very long line (though they’ve recently introduced an online queuing system – let this be the end to standing in the rain for two hours just to feed our faces!).

ANYTHING ELSE? Elsewhere on the menu you’ll find expertly crafted soup dumplings AKA Xiao Long Bao (go for the chilli and crab – four pieces isn’t enough between two, trust us).

Then there’s soft egg fried rice, garlicky greens, piping hot steamed dumplings, crispy wontons (pork and vegetable, always) and most excitingly, Shanghainese drunken chicken. So there’s more than enough reasons to stop in for dinner, before saying bye-bye to those bunnies.

Flopsy and Mopsy (not their actual names, but who doesn’t like to play with their food?) will be off the menu by 20th September, so hop to it.


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