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We Tried A Gousto Box And It Pretty Much Changed Our Lives

gousto cottage pie

We Tried A Gousto Box And It Pretty Much Changed Our Lives

Food shopping is the last thing we want to think about during a long week, or indeed at the weekend – with boozy brunches to sing through and gym classes to sleep through, who has the time?

What then, about these recipe boxes we keep hearing about? The ones that decide what you’re having for tea a few days in advance (because if you have to have that conversation with your partner one more time…) and deliver super fresh ingredients straight to your door?

Designed to remove the stresses of choosing what to buy and where (let alone carrying the damn stuff home in the pouring rain, after working two hours overtime), recipe boxes are made for time-poor people. Those who don’t want to live off microwave meals and actually enjoy cooking – but hate trudging around Tesco when there’s nothing in the fridge back home.

We ordered a Gousto family box, excited to have everything we needed for four wholesome evening meals arriving at our front door (free delivery, seven days a week).

You can browse Gousto’s menu for new and interesting recipes, indicating what you like best (chicken, gluten-free, plant-based, 10-minute meals, beef & pork, vegetarian, and so on) so they’ll send you more of it in future.


Mild Chicken Curry


Sultana rice and a tangy, creamy sauce elevated this easy midweek meal – we loved flavouring the rice with turmeric and making our own curry sauce from scratch. Beats an expensive jar of bland Jalfrezi any day. Ingredients are laid out as follows, with super easy step-by-step cooking instructions to boot.

Comforting Cottage Pie

Next up, a nourishing cottage pie that suprised us with its depth of flavour, thanks to a dash of Marmite and the addition of beef stock. Ideal to double up and take in for lunch the next day, this would surely please the whole family (even better with extra cheese sprinkled in, because we’re greedy like that).

Feel Good Fish ‘N’ Chips

Our favourite of the dishes as it was so hands-on, this recipe required us to dip beautifully fresh bass fillets in panko breadcrumbs, before jazzing up some mayonnaise with fresh lemon.


Three Cheese Veg-Packed Pasta Bake

Ideal for a post-run meal (it’s OK when it’s card-loading, right?), we adored this super cheesy and warming pasta bake, brimming with fresh veg. Grated Italian hard cheese, mature cheddar and mozzarella are all made use of, every inch of the bake’s surface bubbling and crispy golden. Brilliant for a bigger crowd, or to double up and save leftovers for the next day.

PROS: We adored our Gousto experience, finding all ingredients to be utterly fresh and delicious – it really did kick start us back into cooking mode, and we can’t wait to order more. The price points are extremely fair (three meals for four people work out at about £3.46 each, or £42.75 a box) and the recipes are easy to follow.

CONS: Rather a lot of packaging and plastic is used, due to the singular use nature of many of the ingredients. It would be brilliant to see non-plastic alternatives wherever possible. The recipe descriptions don’t always state exactly how much of an ingredient is needed (turn to the other side for that) which can get a little confusing in the heat of keeping on top of your timings – but all in all, Gousto has managed this beautifully – we can’t wait to order again.


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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