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Imedeen supplements: do they give you better skin?


Imedeen supplements: do they give you better skin?

WHAT? Imedeen is a skincare supplement that delivers a daily dose of proteins, polysaccharides and Vitamin C to thirsty, tired skin.

Take two tablets orally per day, for at least three months, and you’re told you’ll see results. Clearer, brighter skin with more resistance to ageing? You can bet we were excited when they got in touch asking if we’d like to review their ’90 Day Challenge’.

As with all supplements, we had our reservations. Seeing noticeable changes in just a few weeks is unlikely, given that outcomes tend to vary from person to person. You need to consider a tester’s general health, age, their skin’s condition to begin with, diet and exercise regime, what type of environment they live in, and, the big one, genetics.

I’m 29 years old, eat a fairly balanced diet, enjoy a few drinks once a week or so, and exercise regularly. My Nan’s looking pretty good for 76. I’ve suffered with eczema on and off since I was a kid, which occasionally makes its way to my face (primarily before big presentations/my best friends’ wedding days. Of course) but the acne of my teens is long gone.

What I hoped for from this experiment was tighter, brighter skin that maybe looked a bit less exhausted/was more resistant to the cruelties of London pollution and my office heating system. I mean, does anyone’s face *really* glow, unless they’re pregnant or covered in Fenty highlighter?! Just looking a bit fresher would be nice.

WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? I settled into taking daily tablets with varying success – the first couple of weeks flew by as I remembered to pop the (fairy large!) pills when my alarm went off each morning. Two holidays in quick succession (and disruption of my morning routine) meant a few days where I forgot to take the pills completely, hurriedly jumping out of bed at 9pm (no shame here, I love my sleep – and so does my skin!) to throw them down my gullet, or setting reminders on my phone to take them when I got in. Taste-wise, they’re pretty harmless, fairly easy to swallow and don’t smell of anything in particular.

After a month or so, I hadn’t noticed any changes, and felt a little disenfranchised. Putting dullness down to crap weather and high winds during my ski trip, I continued on (and tried to eat a few more vegetables). Two months on, I did feel like my skin felt smoother – though a little research told me my Vitamin D supplement and avocado toast habits might be contributing, too.

By month three, my skin certainly looked and felt softer. I hadn’t noticed the appearance of any new fine lines (they are, sadly, starting to crop up around the eyes/forehead – years of sarcastic looks catching up with me no doubt) and I had no spots or eczema to speak of. Whether I can put this solely down to Derma One, I’m not sure, as a renewed overall focus on my health meant I paid more attention to what I was eating and how many times I ran in the park before work. Perhaps this holistic approach to looking and feeling better, spread out to my face. Maybe the tablets really did increase my skin’s density. To properly make a judgement, I’d happily shell out for a further three months’ worth of tablets (no more money than I’d spend on a posh moisturiser or treating myself in Lush after payday) and book into an Imedeen Ultrasound appointment, where you can actively see what’s happening under your skin.

It should be said, though, that these supplements (and most others) focus on nourishing your body with things you could provide yourself, at a lower cost. Vitamin D? Get out in the sun on your lunchbreak. Protein? Eat more nuts/meat. Vitamin C? Cruciferous veg, sweet potatoes and tomatoes will sort you out. It’s common sense that what our bodies need to function at their highest capacity is right in front of us. Whether we choose to take it in handy tablet form (which makes life a little easier, but costs a lot more) is up to us.

HOW MUCH? A six month supply is £109.99, which isn’t too bad when you think about how important the skin’s appearance is to beauty lovers.

WILL THEY MAKE ME GAIN WEIGHT? No. There’s no scientific evidence to support this.

I’M PREGNANT. CAN I TAKE THIS? As with any dietary supplement, we’d highly recommend making an appointment with your GP to discuss.

ANYTHING ELSE? Yep, they’re not suitable for vegans. In addition to your
60mg of Vitamin C and 4mg of Zinc, your daily dose contains 210mg fish extract.

WHERE TO BUY: Your old faithful

This article was sponsored by Imedeen.

Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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