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Is Hello Fresh Worth The Hype?

hello fresh box

Is Hello Fresh Worth The Hype?

hello fresh box

WHAT? Hello Fresh delivers a box of freshly sourced, expertly put together ingredients to your door, encouraging you to cook your own meals from scratch without having to traipse to the shops.

HOW MUCH? We tried the £34.99 Classic Box for two people, which works out at £5.83 a meal (three meals to be eaten by two people across a week, ideally). Every week you can pick from 16 recipes, and plug in your preferences before you get going – so whether you don’t eat pork, can’t do gluten, or just really, really hate cheese – they’ll accommodate you.

WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT: There are plenty of arguments for and against using a service like this. For: it’s virtually impossible to make a bad meal using this setup. All you have to do is pay, then go home, open your box and follow step-by-step instructions.

It’s literally impossible to use anything other than the *exact* amount of ingredients needed – a godsend for those not gifted in the kitchen, and eliminating wastefulness. Plus, you don’t have to face the queue in Sainsbury’s. And, you don’t have to switch your brain on circa 4pm every day, when your thoughts start to drift to dinner and your empty, forlorn little fridge.

hello fresh box options

Settings include ‘Family’ and ‘Rapid’, comprising menus suitable for fussy children and families in need of speedy meals. You can even opt for low-calorie, which we found pretty nifty.

Against: £5.83 a meal isn’t cheap – doing it all yourself (particularly with ingredients from budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi) will come in at about half the price, or much less. That said, it’s not extortionate, especially considering the produce is great quality and always fresh. Time is money, after all, so if you’re time poor and cash rich (or just fancy a little treat) we are fully on board with this way of living. Side note – it’s super fun *and* really tasty.

So what did we actually eat? The week started off with Beef Kofta Curry, a supremely tasty dish melding elements of a typical Indian Sag Aloo and aromatic beef. We really enjoyed using mustard seeds for the first time, and loved the use of potato rather than bog standard rice. Next up came the incredibly quick chicken pizza, a huge, fluffy base prepped with tomato sauce, peppers and chicken for a really convenient snack. Our last meal was a chicken stir-fry, made with fresh egg noodles (be sure not to leave them languishing in the cupboard too long) that was tasty but not mind-blowing. The Beef Kofta Curry stole our hearts in terms of flavour, and we’ll be hanging onto the recipe card to recreate it again and again.

ANYTHING ELSE: Repeat orders are done via an app, with Hello Fresh chefs adding new creations every week – so if you become a regular, there’s no chance of ending up with the same meal twice (unless you want to). That means no prawn spaghetti when you’re allergic to shellfish and no bloated bellies after an accidental gluten bomb. Busy city workers with ever-changing plans will love the rolling weekly subscription, too – so if you go on holiday, want to cancel or change your box or recipes, there’s no commitment. It’s not them, it’s you, and that’s totally cool.


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