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LIFE GOALS: What makes us happy?

LIFE GOALS: What makes us happy?

Life goals- what makes us happy? FashionBite

It’s the question we’re all searching for an answer for, right? But, if the recent hygee trend is anything to go by it’s the simple things in life that will bring the greatest pleasure. A crackling log fire, cosy blankets and a mug of hot chocolate.. to name a few.

Life goals- what makes us happy? FashionBite

Going on holiday, finding cash in an old pair of jeans and freshly washed sheets are the top three things that make us Brits happy, according to a recent poll by Young’s Pubs. Whilst a third of us describe being happiest whilst wearing PJ’s and slippers, well I can vouch for that – there’s nothing quite like slipping on your comfy clothes at the end of the day particularly in the cold, winter months!

Life goals- what makes us happy? FashionBite

If you follow me on Instagram @FashionBiteUK, you’ll see I’ve been doing some life planning to kick-off 2017, what are my goals/hopes/dreams? It’s never a bad thing once in a while to take a step back and look at your life, do you have a good balance of things and are you happy?

All you need is a Sharpie and a notebook to start planning out where you want to be. Write it down, the process of doing this helps you really think about it and it’s something to look back on.

We’ve started 2017 with a huge amount of uncertainty (globally, politically and economically) but that’s no reason we can’t be focused and map out our personal/professional ambitions.

Life can sometimes feel a bit chaotic but that’s all the more reason to start pinning down your ambitions. Just go for it, you have one life and if you don’t reach for things you’ll never achieve them.


Young’s Pubs hosted a House of Happiness pop-up on the supposed gloomiest day of the year, February 16. I headed to their Finch’s pub on Finsbury Square where we donned slippers and enjoyed whisky tasting, massages and talks by happiness and lifestyle coaches. It was my first night out since having the baby, so I can definitely conclude it was a happy one!

DISCLAIMER: We have partnered with Young’s Pubs for this post.

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