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REVIEW: Kurobuta Party Brunch, Marble Arch

REVIEW: Kurobuta Party Brunch, Marble Arch


Izakaya, NOUN: A type of Japanese bar in which a variety of small, typically inexpensive dishes and snacks are served to accompany the alcoholic drinks.

ORIGIN: Japanese, from iru to be in a place + sakaya liquor shop.


You really want to visit one now, don’t you. Well, you’re in luck – Chelsea and Marble Arch are home to two of these rock ‘n’ roll Japanese drinking dens, and they’ve got boozy ice lollies, sashimi pizza, fried chicken, steamed buns and unlimited booze galore.


Kurobuta’s ‘Party Brunch’ comprises a live buffet-style breakfast (last serving 4.30pm, *preach*) inspired by Japanese Izakaya dishes, with an Aussie twist. Staff are mostly Australian and super friendly, serving unlimited alcohol that unlike many bottomless offerings, doesn’t force you to stick to one tipple (if this was on Tinder, we’d Super Like it).


You can choose from beer, wine, brunch punch (plus a welcome cachaça cocktail) and swap around any time – terrible news for your hangover, but damn fun while doing it. It’s slightly more expensive if you want to drink Prosecco, but it’s fresh, light and slides down a treat.


Food options range from build-your-own ramen to juicy beer-grilled steaks and Kurobuta’s signature salmon sashimi pizza, served up to the tune of an awesome live DJ.

For us, stand out dishes included kombu roasted Chilean seabass with spicy shiso ponzu, Kurobuta fried chicken (amazing with Umami mayo), and Nasu Dengaku – a sticky miso-grilled aubergine with candied walnuts (pictured – these are special dishes available with the more expensive lunch option).


WHEN: Every Saturday and Sunday, 12-5pm (last sitting 4.30pm).

WHERE: Kurobuta has two branches, one in Marble Arch, one in Chelsea.

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HOW MUCH: There are two options, a £35 brunch with the live buffet, unlimited beer and wine, and a cocktail on arrival; and a £45 brunch with the live buffet, unlimited beer, wine and punch, a welcome cocktail on arrival plus a choice of a range of Kurobuta’s normal (and fancier) menu dishes. We recommend a late sitting and a big table to get the Saturday night party started.


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