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NEW: Testing Scholl’s Light Legs Tights At London Fashion Week

Emily Seares at London Fashion Week SS17

NEW: Testing Scholl’s Light Legs Tights At London Fashion Week

FashionBite's Emily Seares at London Fashion Week, SS17 2


I was asked to try out Scholl’s new Light Legs tights and I thought there was no better place than London Fashion Week, where you’re on your feet most of the day flitting in between shows and at nearly 8 months pregnant- I could do with any help I can get!

Scholl says the tights will “tighten and shape legs to give the appearance of a slender and toned silhouette.” They also contain a new Fibre Firm™ technology which is meant to “reduce tiredness and heaviness in legs by boosting circulation.” Scholl also says they will last up to 100 washes, without losing shape and colour, which is a massive plus. It’s really annoying when tights lose their elasticity and shape after just a few washes.


With a smooth, matte 60 dernier finish they are an ideal weight and thickness. Pulling them over my legs, they have tonnes of give and elasticity. Often with tights, you pull them up to a point where they no longer give and you struggle to pull up the last bit but these really bounce back. My legs feel securely held in, as if I was wearing Spanx for legs. First impressions are they look very flattering on my legs, which are definitely bigger in this later stage of pregnancy!

FashionBite's Emily Seares at London Fashion Week, SS17 2


They are essentially compression tights, with the highest level of compression starting at the ankle moving blood from the foot and ankle into the calf. Intermediate compression is at the calf, moving blood up the leg and into the thigh, then the lowest compression at the thigh keeping the blood moving towards the heart.

I’ve been wearing a pregnancy bump band round my waist for the last few weeks, which has really helped give me extra support when I’m out and about on my feet, so I imagine the compression and lift of the tights works in a similar way.


I’m pleased to report that my legs are still looking great, despite a full day at London Fashion Week! They actually feel a lot less heavy and hot than they normally would after a day in tights and my skin still feels like it can breathe. The tights don’t feel stuck to my legs, which can often happen at the end of the day.

Although more expensive than a standard pair of shop tights, if they actually last 100 washes- the cost per wear is much better value and they will look good each time you wear them too.

Scholl Light Legs are available nationwide, £14.99. I’m wearing a size medium.

Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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