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REVIEW: Holy Cheesuz, Blues Kitchen

REVIEW: Holy Cheesuz, Blues Kitchen

I’ll take pride in saying I’ve been working pretty hard to get in shape over the last few weeks.

Early swims, Saturday morning (!) Body Pump and the odd run are actually starting to do something to my figure and it’s strangely enjoyable. ‘Cheat day’ isn’t a term I’ll ever use, but good god, did I cheat last night.

If you’re gonna do it, it should be with someone super hot. Right? That was my thinking with Blues Kitchen, the dark and handsome live music bar dishing out awesome tunes and even better food every night of the week in Camden, Shoreditch and Brixton. They’ve got a new Burger Of The Month, the Holy Cheezus, and yeah. Just look.

When you’ve stopped drooling, listen to this: bread oozing with cheeze, caramelized onions melting into thick, perfectly cooked meat, with a side of spinach with almond flakes and some sweet potato fries.

Perfect, but not before Cajun jumbo shrimp with mustard dip – a must try:


Just gonna leave this photo of deep-fried Oreos with salted caramel ice cream here.


If these pictures haven’t tempted you, picture an incredible 10-person Gospel choir singing you to sleep while you sink into a sugar coma – the great Lord Cheezus probably won’t forgive you all these sins, but in the moment, it sure feels like it.

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