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REVIEW: The Mindful Chef Healthy Recipe Box

REVIEW: The Mindful Chef Healthy Recipe Box


We’ll come clean. We haven’t been eating as healthily as we should have this summer. Long, hot days seem like the perfect excuse for naughty food and even naughtier drinks, legitimised by that feeling it might be the Last Sunny Day This Year. Who wants to spend that inside, sober, eating salad?


But we know winter is coming. We know just a couple of weeks will bring that slew of September birthdays from school friends and indulgent, cocktail-heavy meet ups as the nights grow colder. We want to feel fit and healthy again and we want to do it soon. A delivery from The Mindful Chef was Step One on a journey that’s proved surprisingly fun – and effective.

A group of skilled chefs prepare nutritious recipes with seasonal ingredients – that’s no pasta, no white bread, no rice. Gulp. These apparently fill you up, make you feel good, and take just 20 minutes to make. Feeling sceptical, but intrigued, we got in touch – and couldn’t help but feel excited when a pretty box bursting with colourful produce turned up on a Sunday evening.


You choose a box to suit your lifestyle (we went for ‘Lean’, £24 for 3 meals), then the chefs prepare the exact ingredients (yep, they even measure them – heaven) and post them to you. Next, you follow the recipe cards and cook them. It’s that simple. So what’s for dinner?

Our first dish was Za’atar pollock with pomegranate tabbouleh, cauliflower rice & harissa dip – not something we’d think to cook ourselves and a real eye-opener in terms of replacing carbs with tasty veg.


Next up, a light and zingy take on a Thai favourite. Boyfriend unconvinced by the shredded ‘zoodles’, we were forced to make some regular noodles on the side, but that couldn’t take away from the convenience of more exotic ingredients like fish sauce and nuts posted through your door.

The third meal comprised pork fajita baby gem wraps with a coconut and lime dressing – no bread, just lettuce leaving us a little hungry and grumpy, but quietly virtuous. Cutting carbs for dinner will get some getting used to, but after just a week, kick-starting by the delivery, we felt the difference.

What we love about Mindful Chef is the way it silences all excuses. ‘I don’t have time to cook’, ‘I can’t be bothered to traipse around the supermarket looking for dozens of ingredients’, ‘I don’t have any inspiration’ – whatever yours is, they’ve thought of it. Now we’ve run out of them (and ingredients) we can’t wait to order the next.

Amy @ FashionBite xx


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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