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A 15 Minute Natural Home Facial That works!

Balance Me Summer Skincare Review, FashionBite

Ever since becoming pregnant, I’ve had a real interest in natural beauty products – no parabens, sulphates and all the other nasties that come with a lot of the big brands.

I found myself really against putting chemicals on my skin and hair every day, but at the same time I wanted products that worked. It was then that I came across the Balance Me brand and I’m now a big fan. I’ve been using their Radiance Face Mask and Facial Oil for the last few months and I can really feel the difference with my skin.

Balance Me is also a brand that really appeals. Set-up by a sister duo who were looking for a better work-life balance after children, they started the brand from their kitchen table and through hard work and determination built it into the award-winning success that it is today.

Face Mask

I slather on a layer, let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes then splash my face with water and really exfoliate the skin with it. The natural fruit acids and walnut shells help dissolve dead skin cells and my skin feels fresh and bright afterwards. I try to do this weekly to give my skin a good exfoliation.

Balance Me Radiance face Mask review, FashionBite

Facial Oil

I love facial oils and have done for years and the Radiance Extra Care Face Oil is a really good one. After using the mask weekly, I try to give my skin a 5 minute massage to really work the oil into it and help get the blood flowing. It’s a great home facial and only takes 15 minutes, so good if you’re short on time (sadly, it can’t remove the bags though!)

Balance Me Radiance face Mask review, FashionBite

You can find out more about the brand on their website To FashionBite’s Weekly News

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