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Looking For A Decent Spa in Covent Garden?

Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden, FashionBite review, 1

Looking For A Decent Spa in Covent Garden?

Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden, FashionBite review, 1

On a sticky, hot day in London being able to retreat from the sun and cool off is amazing, particularly when you’re in Central. So, I headed to the award-winning Thai Square Spa, tucked away off Covent Garden, to try one of their signature massages.

You are really given the 5* treatment at this spa and it has much more of a personal, luxurious feel to it then some of the bigger chain spa’s in the area.

Review- Thai square spa at FashionBite 2

First off, my therapist gently washed my feet in warm water with flower petals floating around – it was utter bliss. As I lay on the bed, I looked down through the space where my head rested and again she had put a bowl with warm water, flower petals and essential oils for me to breathe in as I lay there. There is real attention to detail and care here.

Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden, FashionBite review, 3

The massage itself was very good. It had the perfect amount of firmness and pressure to ensure the knots and muscles were unwound but also gentle, sweeping hand movements that ensured you felt relaxed. I often find you can get one or the other from a massage, when ideally you’re looking for both.

The spa has also just launched its own product range, which it sells online and in store. I’ve been using the Jasmine room spray, giving my bedroom a few spritz before going to sleep in the evening and it makes the whole room smell gorgeous.

For more information on the spa, visit their website

Disclaimer: I was a guest of the Thai Square Spa.

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