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REVIEW: Field & Flower delivery service

REVIEW: Field & Flower delivery service

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That’s right, I’m a grown-up now. The sort of grown-up who remembers to wash her clothes two days before she needs them, takes a healthy breakfast to work and if she’s feeling really fancy, treats herself to a posh food delivery once in a while. Field & Flower is the latest delivery service on my radar, promising grass-fed, free-range meat brought to your door.

This sort of service is always marketed to the busy Londoner with no time on their hands, who forgets to feed themselves properly in the midst of work and play – right now I’d put myself in that bracket, along with most 25 year-olds I know. A few steady meals centered around top quality produce sounded perfect.

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Assisted by kind staff member Sophie (everyone at F&F is keen to chat, suggesting recipes and foods you might like) I sampled a selection of meats (something akin to a Little Taster Box, £28) with a few mixed treats inside – four huge, inch-thick venison burgers, two slabs of beautiful rump steak, Brie and some unsmoked bacon.

There are boxes for all types of customer, from ‘Hungry Student’ boxes at £25 (cuts of beef, pork and chicken you can eat with just about anything) to huge ‘Lean Muscle Mass’ boxes at £75, ideal for people trying to get in shape.

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The beauty of these deliveries is the versatility; you can order one-off boxes to give it a go, or book in monthly boxes to keep you going forever. All you have to do is load up on sides. What’s more, the fact that the meat’s top quality (beef on the bone is hung for a minimum of 28 days and their animals never experience a poor-quality grain diet) spurs you to put a really great meal together.

Our ‘steak night’ turned into a cooking extravaganza, served up with a mountain of dark greens laced with garlic and sweet potato mash. Venison burgers called for a (rare) housemate dinner, the four of us clubbing together for fresh buns, sides and sauces.

Opening up the box felt like Christmas, sparking tons of ideas for how to cook these special treats. We loved the service, and won’t hesitate to order again. Give it a go – it’s perfect for a dinner party or date night.


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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