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REVIEW: Source, Battersea

REVIEW: Source, Battersea


These days, if it’s not locally sourced and ethically produced, the capital isn’t much interested. Lucky for Source (the clue’s in the name – although it actually refers to the well the restaurant sits on), their ethos is bang on trend.


With a huge focus on where their food is coming from (and how) Source proudly lists its partners on its menu, a who’s who of skilled and well-thought of suppliers across the country.image3(3)

Bread comes from Covent Garden’s Balthazar, cheese from Androuet at Spitalfields market, lamb straight from Daphne’s in Wales – each promising a low carbon footprint and exceptional flavours.


We began with lamb croquettes and harissa mayonnaise, moving on to greedily dip hunks of fresh bread into a cheesy artichoke dip. Crab salad with fennel and croutons was light and fresh, too.


Mains was a fried chicken sandwich with harissa aioli alongside a beautifully cooked mackarel fillet served with barley and grilled vegetables.


Sides of kale and crispy roast potato wedges ensured we left very full, but not before squeezing in a shared chocolate pot, stuffed with blackcurrant jelly (best dipped into with the accompanying licourice biscuit – divine).


All this talk of food, and we’re yet to discuss the beautiful setting. A warm, charming space with plenty of natural light pouring through glass walls and ceilings, Source was stuffed with families enjoying birthday meals, couples enjoying quiet trysts on the decking and families spooning food into giggly children’s mouths – all are welcome and catered to, the backdrop of boats moored at Ransome’s Dock creating an atmospheric setting.


It’s worth mentioning that there’s tons of on-site parking – having turned up in a car, we’d anticipated ten minutes of frantic searching for a safe place to park, so breezing into a huge space was a lovely way to start the meal.

Staff were courteous and knowledgable, keen to tell us everything from exactly what ingredients were in the mayonnaise we enjoyed so much to which starters they personally like best. We’re already planning a bike ride around Battersea Park, finishing with a long brunch at this brilliant little spot.

Amy @ Fashionbite xx


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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