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REVIEW: Gett taxi app, London

REVIEW: Gett taxi app, London

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If you live in London, chances are you’ve spent a fair chunk of your paycheck on taxis and Uber cars getting from A to B (A being the club, B being your bed). It’s all about finding a reliable service and sticking with it – and we’re always looking to find better and cheaper.

Faced with an early start at Heathrow airport, it seemed the perfect opportunity to book a taxi with Gett – who offer fixed rates for airport transfers, come right to your door and operate 24 hours.

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You can order a cab from your phone, track its progress on a real-time map and see the driver’s photo, phone number and registration plate. The app also allows users to add credit card details, paying instantly for journeys. Safety seems to be a key priority – earlier this year, the company campaigned to get licensed black cab drivers on board.

Everything went smoothly (though a small fee was added for a very short wait at pick up, which we thought was unnecessary – it’s tough to function properly at that time in the morning), our licensed taxi driver (in a large taxi seating up to five passengers) arriving right on time. The price from Hoxton to London Stansted was £107. Unlike Uber, there’s no “surge pricing” with Gett, which inflates prices at times of higher demand – something we appreciated with a mandatory 4am pick up.

But there’s more. From July, this service won’t just transport you, it’ll transport things to you. Things like pizza. And sushi. And wine. And beauty appointments. And plumbers, when your toilet blocks at 2am. It’s all part of the 24 hour customer care service, for a fee. We know. GENIUS.

Now overtaking Uber in terms of coverage too (Gett operates in more cities than any other taxi app of its kind, with 25 to Uber’s 15) it looks to be a great choice for busy people across the country in need of a fast, reliable (wine) transport service. So that’ll be all of us, then.

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