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What To Pack For A Summer Staycation?

what to pack for a summer staycation, FashionBite

What To Pack For A Summer Staycation?

what to pack for a summer staycation, FashionBite

The staycation is a trend here to stay, but what do you pack for a holiday known for unpredictable weather and sporadic downpours. Here are my top 5 tips…


Without question, the biggest style tip for a UK holiday is layering. Having versatile items in your wardrobe that you can pull on at a moment’s notice, depending on sudden downpours or bursts of sunshine is key. Team a shift dress over leggings and a short tee, with a knitted jumper thrown over. You can peel off and end up in just the shift dress, if the temperature really ramps up.


Invest in a decent waterproof jacket, particularly in you’re planning to do a lot of walking or cycling, as padding around in sodden clothes all afternoon is not much fun. Barbour has moved on as a brand hugely, from its days as a wax jacket specialist and they have a great range of jackets that will look good and keep you dry.


Keep silhouettes soft and wear nothing constricting, whether you’re hitting the beach or City you want to be able to move freely and feel relaxed.


Natural fibres, such as cotton, are great to allow the skin to breathe. They feel cooler in the searing temperatures and will stop you over-heating, helping you feel comfortable throughout the day.

A staycation in the Cotswolds, FashionBite


Whether it’s walking boots and wellies or a pair of sandals you’re after, the crucial part is comfort when it comes to footwear. There’s nothing worse than when you’re half a mile in to a 5 mile walk and your shoes start rubbing. I went on a cycling holiday in the Cotswolds the summer before last (pictured) and I had the most uncomfortable saddle on my bike, to the point of it being impossible to sit on. Luckily, we were nearby a cycle shop and I managed to replace it and enjoy the rest of the week, but with footwear you might not be so luckily, particularly if you’re scrabbling along a country lane or coastal path.

DISCLAIMER: This post has been written in collaboration with Outdoor and Country.

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