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REVIEW: Bunnychow, Soho

REVIEW: Bunnychow, Soho


Guest blogger Brenda Wong investigates a little slice of South Africa in Soho…

If you’re searching for something that rises above the cacophony of gimmicky London food joints – trying but failing to distinguish themselves from, well, every other burger joint in town-  look no further. Bunnychow provides  bold, beautiful, brioche ‘bunnies’ ready for devourin’ in the heart of Soho.


So, what is a bunny? Well, it’s essentially a cross between the type of bread-bowl you’d have with clam chowder and the best sandwich ever. Bunnychow take homemade loaves, hollow them out and fill them up with South African curry goodness.


They leave the loaf lids on the side of the bunnies (served up in tiffin tins), but I can testify that they are not effective nor dainty spoons for the bunny’s spicy fillings. There’s no delicate way to devour your bunny, but each bite is worth the mess.

invictus_bunnychow (1)

I dug into the Full English Bunny, (£4) winner of 2015’s Breakfast Awards for ‘Most Innovative Breakfast’, whilst my companions (wisely) chose to try out the Piri-piri pork bunny (£5) and the all-new Chakalaka chicken bunny (£5), inspired by a spicy relish first developed in the townships of Johannesburg. Not to say that the Breakfast Bunny wasn’t glorious in its own way, arriving overflowing with sausages, baked beans and black pudding. The curry bunnies were however, enticingly fragrant, filling and incredibly satisfying.

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Drinks left a little to be desired, a small selection of spiked juices an interesting concept, but the Invictus juice with ginger, lemon and honey (with an added shot of rum for £2) ended up with too much of a fiery kick to truly work. That said, they do provide some beers and ciders if boozy fruit juice seems too much of a health paradox.


The venue itself is a humble little spot on Wardour Street with pretty limited eating capacity, but absolutely ideal for a reasonably priced, quick lunch bite. Open the door to Bunnychow and you’re instantly awash with the smell of spices and freshly baked bread. It’s simple, it’s a little industrial, and it works. Comfortable enough for a quick catch-up with a friend and convenient enough for an affordable, grab-and-go meal.

Brenda @ FashionBite xx


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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