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Letterbox Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Letterbox Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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February is here, Valentine’s Day on its merry way. Whether you’re a sucker for a bunch of roses or you reckon the whole thing’s just embarrassing, who can say it’s not nice to receive a little treat now and then?

We reckon Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil someone no matter what you think of the day. And in this age of instant messaging, selfie sticks and Skype conversations, how better to do it than by good, old-fashioned post? Check out these awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas that’ll fit in most letterboxes.

1. Sweet Reason handmade fresh bakes

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We can’t decide what we love more – the beautiful grey and white packaging or its contents – handmade sweet treats that knock regular chocolate box peddlers out of the park for originality and style. From brownies to teabags to pretty sugar swizzle sticks, create your own combination (the salt caramel brownies are DIVINE,  but there’s millionaire shortbread to be tried too) or go with one of the pre-packaged boxes, varying in price according to size (starting at £16.50). You can even ‘subscribe’ to three month’s worth – a gift that truly keeps on giving.


2. Bloom & Wild flowers

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We’re long-time fans of Bloom & Wild, featuring the fabulous concept in our Christmas Gift Guide 2014. Available in single (£20) or three bouquet bundles (£50) these aren’t your ordinary flowers – they come in a long, slim box designed to pop through the letter box, with instructions for a stunning arrangement in the home. If you think such an idea leaves the blooms squashed or dry, think again – every precaution is taken to make sure they arrive fresh as a daisy.


3. Not Another Bill gift set

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Gone are the days of receiving much exciting post – it’s all bills, leaflets and letters from the council on our door mat these days. What if there were a service to ensure something lovely and exciting came through the door once a month (£24), to cheer you up right when you need it most? Enter Not Another Bill, a collaborative, creative company determined to brighten your day with a little package of perfection, be it a bespoke necklace by Tatty Devine, a pair of hand-knitted gloves, a gold bottle opener or paperweight, all by fantastic new designers, artists or brands. A brilliant combination of nostalgia and new, we love everything about this.

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