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Christmas Party Hair Sorted: 3 Styles For 3 Lengths

Christmas party hair, FashionBite

Christmas Party Hair Sorted: 3 Styles For 3 Lengths

Christmas party hair, FashionBite

With the festive season in full swing and everyone’s Christmas parties coming up, I had a chat to  Sassoon’s Assistant Creative Director Gabin Ahmed (based at their South Molton Street store), to find out his top three styles to take you from the office to party. I’d recommend creating half the style at home in the morning (as they all require blow drying your hair), then just tweaking them before you leave for the party.

LONG HAIR: The Fishtail

“A fishtail looks intricate but actually it’s very simple. Prep is key, use a sea salt spray through your roots to ends, and then roughly blow dry, twisting the hair while drying to give it a ropey, modern texture. Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with an invisible band. Take a thin section from the outside of each section in the ponytail and wrap it round each section in turn. Once you have braided your hair tie off the plait with another invisible band.” IMAGE CREDIT:

QUICK TIP: For a contemporary look, stop the braid at least two inches from the end, and tie with an invisible band and wrap a piece of thin leather around for and edgier finish.

To complete your look tease out your fishtail. “Fingers are your best tools to rub and tease the hair, the undoneness is what makes it sexy”, says Gabin.


“Special occasion hair is all about polish, effortless control and healthy shine, contemporary glamour at its best”, says Gabin.

How to achieve: “For ultimate Studio 54 glamour, spray your hair with Sassoon Professional Motion Hold, then wrap small sections of hair around a styling wand, pinning each curl to your head with a grip. Once you’ve curled every section, unclip and shake out. Enhance your side sweep with a low side parting and comb it all the way over for a glamorous finish. The trick is to keep hair flatter at the top of the head.” IMAGE CREDIT:

SHORT HAIR: The Toulsed Bob

“A cut such as the iconic modern ‘bob’ is the little black dress of the hairdressing world. A versatile look that is as current today as it was in the swinging 60s,” says Gabin. “This season the bob is sexier, tousled and textured – lines are made softer and more feminine. Looking undone is always on trend – “it’s an aspirational look that can be achieved on both long and short hair, but you need to give it a good blow dry,” says Gabin. IMAGE CREDIT:

Quick Tip: Apply a mouse, this will enhance the tousled textured look without leaving it sticky.


1. Try a weekly deep conditioning treatment at home throughout the winter months, for added moisture.

2. Add a serum to wet hair before you blow dry, this will help tame and de-frizz flyaway hair.

3. For flat, lifeless hair a mousse will help give you the condition but also the bounce.

I’ve found that washing my hair less regularly has also really helped with the condition. I now try and wash it 2/3 times a week max, I will just dry shampoo and pin it up on the second/third day and it still looks great.

Sassoon has a great range of products they can recommend, if you pop in to one of their salons. My two favourites are the Halo Hydrate leave-in conditioner and the Heat Shape protector, which I use every time I wash my hair. When I had shorter hair the Texture Refine wax was great for styling too.

Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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