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REVIEW: Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

REVIEW: Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

lobster kitchen london

Not one, not two, but THREE gourmet lobster joints have opened up in London of late – and what’s more, they’re all within a mile of eachother. This torrid state of affairs can only mean one thing – we must visit them all and tell you which is best.

We’ve started with Lobster Kitchen, a cheery New England-style shack hidden behind a door bearing a small lobster logo (we couldn’t find it for a full five minutes – it’s right next door to VQ). Think McDonald’s with much better decor, staff and booze – you queue, choosing from the mouth-watering options on the board above your head and scanning the small room for a table as you near the cash register.

lobster kitchen london

There’s a LOT we like about Lobster Kitchen, and a little we don’t. Let’s start with the not so good stuff: it’s pretty small, doesn’t take reservations and has received quite a lot of press, so expect a fairly long wait for food at peak times. We can get past all of that (the lobster is bloody great, but more on that later) but it’s the price that’s the real bugbear.

dad's root beer lobster kitchen

Watching food sail past you to customers who had the foresight to come a bit earlier, you’ll want everything. Lobster tails in an array of delicious sauces! Split lobster! Deep fried clams! Lobster chowder! Sweet potato fries! Lobster MAC N’ CHEESE?! Alas, the dream is immediately crushed, because having everything means eating ramen noodles for the rest of the week to break even.

This place is expensive. A split lobster (disappointingly small in size) will set you back a whopping £19, lobster tails (much meatier, go with these if you’re hungry) are £17.50. Even a lobster roll is £15. There are a few bargains though – the creamy, filling mac n’ cheese is a reasonable £5.50 (£9.50 as a main, totally worth it) and a portion of deep-fried lobster legs would make a great shared starter (£6.50). All a real pleasure to try, and the shrimp rolls are a fairer price at £9.50, but we’re assuming most people are here for the lobster.

lobster kitchen mac n cheese

The food’s piping hot and delicious, the atmosphere buzzy and bright. Ideal for a chilled midweek date or wine-fuelled catch up with friends (bottles of white, rose and Prosecco are served up in cute handheld ice bags, keeping it casual), you won’t go thirsty – we went with old-school Day’s Cola (to the delight of American Instagram followers) and Dad’s Root Beer before sampling Beerd Monocle English pale ale. It’s all a bit rough and ready with drinks in cans, paper plates and trays – but that adds to the laid-back charm.

Gourmet fast food is big business in London right now and it’s easy to see why – everyone in Lobster Kitchen is splashing out, having a great time. Good food, loads of fun and none of the haughtiness of silver service – it’s just a shame the prices are similar.

Address: Lobster Kitchen, 111 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3NQ


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