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Beauty Tried & Tested: Pregnancy lifesavers!

pregnancy beauty lifesavers at FashionBite

Beauty Tried & Tested: Pregnancy lifesavers!

Kluczbork pregnancy beauty lifesavers at FashionBite This heat is killing me! At 8 and a half months pregnant, my normal love of basking in the glorious summer sunshine has taken a definite turn. I can stand about half an hour max before re-treating into a dark place to cool off. I have every window open, fans at full blast and I’m still over-heating. But, there have been a couple of products which have become total life savers during this last month…

The first is Cool It Mama Face & Body Spritz by the Natural Birthing Company. OMG, this is amazing in the heat! I spray it all over (face, swollen legs and body) and it’s great for cooling down in the night too. An aromatherapy spray, it has orange blossom, floral water and pure essential oils which smell delicious and feel very calming.

The brand was set-up around three years ago, originally offering hypnobirthing (which I’m also a huge fan of- read my article: ‘7 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy’) and antenatal classes, but it soon branched out into aromatherapy-based products which are designed to help you through pregnancy. Guanajay

The second is Elemis’ Japanese Camellia body oil. I’ve been moisturising my stomach with it every evening and it’s absolutely delicious. With a lovely, light fragrance the oil is amazing on my skin and (touch wood!) no stretch marks as yet…so fingers crossed that will continue. Costa Mesa

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