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Best Summer-Quencher Cocktails

summer cocktails, FashionBite

Best Summer-Quencher Cocktails

summer cocktails, FashionBite

During the hot summer months, you need plenty of refreshing cocktail recipes at the ready. The contents don’t have to be alcoholic but they should incorporate plenty of this season’s delicious fruit.

Here are a few ideas to quench your thirst…


This drink really does pack a punch! It tastes deceptively non-alcoholic but delivers a sharp aftertaste. Heat four tablespoons of sugar with lemon zest and water (100ml or so) before pouring into a jug of rosé wine once dissolved.

Add lemon juice and peach schnapps. It’s up to you how strong you want to make the drink but remember that if you add too much spirit then it will drown out the other flavours.


Leave your mixture to chill and when you’re ready to serve just top up the drink with tonic or soda water and place ice and some slices of fresh peach on top.

summer cocktails, FashionBite


When you’re mixing a cocktail it’s a good idea to use the best quality spirits – it’s a false economy to use non-branded products that mightn’t offer all they claim on the label. The drinks expert Olly Smith suggests that you can use sparkling wine rather than its more expensive relative Champagne though, while an Aperol Spritz is always refreshing and is actually made from Prosecco, Aperol, soda and lime.


Simply pour the Prosecco into a glass filled with ice, add the Aperol and soda water, then decorate with slices of lime.


There are countless variations on this timeless theme, so work out which combinations you enjoy and experiment accordingly.

summer quencher cocktails, FashionBite



Fruit punches are easy to make. Pick fresh blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, add them to lemonade, and then mix in some chilled chardonnay for a perfect long drink on a hot summer’s day.


This cocktail is ideal for a picnic, or an outing to visit your parents in their McCarthy and Stone retirement property. Alternatively, you can cool off with a fruit punch after a long day at work – just remember to add that vital sprig of mint!

summer quencher cocktails, FashionBite


Any cocktail that has virgin in its name usually means that it is non-alcoholic. The renowned Criterion Brasserie serves a mean Virgin Pina Colada made up of cream, pineapple juice and coconut sugar. Alternatively, you could copy our American cousins and try some Bull Island iced tea.


Make a pot of tea, and then add lemon and orange zest before mixing with lime juice. Place some raspberries in the base of the glasses you intend to use and then top up the glasses with your tea and some ice.


For more cocktail tips, read our article ‘Two Night’s In Paris,’ following writer Amy Golding cocktail tasting around Paris.

* Disclaimer: This article has been written in conjunction with McCarthy and Stone.



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