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Mossy On Her New Topshop Collection

Kate Moss new Topshop line, FashionBite

Mossy On Her New Topshop Collection

Kate Moss new Topshop line, FashionBite

Kate Moss has joined forces with Topshop once again, after a three-year break, with a new clothing line due to launch at the end of April.

She has worked on the high street collection, as all previous collections, with super stylist Katy England, once Alexander McQueen’s right-hand gal. Pieces from the new line will also be sold exclusively on Net-a-Porter – a first for the supermodel – including a sequinned dress for £600.

Mossy was interviewed in Style magazine this weekend talking about the new collection, who she goes to for style advice and how the line has a more “sophisticated” feel this time round…


‘In the 1990’s, Moss used to say she didn’t like modelling and wouldn’t do it forever, but it’s obvious her veins pumps pure fashion. Soon she’s up, pulling stuff off the rails and thrusting it at me. It’s all classic Moss: groupie-meets-flapper-meets-Bardot. “Feel the quality,” she says, showing me a turquoise linen top. “It’s a winner for summer – think 55 [the St.Tropez beach club], bit of an earring. Bish bash bosh. Done.”

Sir Phil would be proud of the hawking skills. Next it’s onto a 1970’s-style cropped vintage jacket. Like a lot of the pieces, it has been modified from something vintage in her own wardrobe. “I’ve got the original and you couldn’t tell the difference,” she says. Where was it from? “Just some thrift shop, I can’t remember. I’ve had it for so long, but it’s one of those jackets I always where to gigs, so it’s perfect for festivals. When I think of summer, that’s what I think of: going to gigs in parks. In my dream world it would be festivals all year round.”

Kate Moss new Topshop line, FashionBite


Moss reveals the only style advice she heeds is from her daughter Lila. “She’s my biggest critic. If she says, ‘Oh Mummy, you look nice,’ I know I’m alright because she will definitely tell me if she doesn’t like it.” What are her no-no’s? “She doesn’t like anything too sexy. ‘Mummy, do another button up,’ she said to me the other day,” Moss says laughing.


On the new collection, Mossy says: “Fashion-wise it’s a bit different. I loved those daisy dresses and they were really successful, but I didn’t think it was part of what I would do now. I’m more…” she reaches for the right word, “sophisticated,” she says, but senses that’s not quite right.

Most of the collection is party wear. Any rules for dressing for a good time? “No rules, apart from heels, and I never do mid-calf. I’ve got bow legs. I can’t”.’

The new Topshop collection is due to launch on April 30.

Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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