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Ultimate Guide To Winter Hair (Brave The Weather In Style!)

Ultimate guide to glossy winter hair, FashionBite

Ultimate Guide To Winter Hair (Brave The Weather In Style!)

Ultimate guide to glossy winter hair, FashionBite

This weather is playing havoc with my hair, I don’t about you. Not only have we suffered the cold Winter months, but now we have these freak storms to contend with too.

Following the success of our Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair, I caught up with Sassoon’s Creative Director Bruce Masefield to get is thoughts on how to get your locks looking glossy even, when the weather is bleak….

Start with the basics…


“The cold weather can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle and lifeless and it is vital to replenish and retain moisture”, says Bruce. “A weekly deep conditioning treatment is essential during Winter, especially as hair loses vitality over the years.  Dry hair does not reflect shine and will feel static and dull.  A super moisturising treatment will add elasticity, manageability and shine, penetrating deep into the hair’s cortex and injecting a rush of moisture, whilst smoothing the cuticle.”

Moroccanoil has a great range of deep nourishing treatments, try their Intense Hydrating Mask for that weekly moisture hit.

Ultimate guide to glossy winter hair, FashionBite


“When reaching for your styling tongs, always use a heat protector before blow-drying and a serum before using straightening irons. Both products will protect the hair from the heat, as well as shielding hair from the harsh winter elements whilst giving you that all important glamorous finish.”

Lee Stafford has a fantastic Miracle Heat Defence Spray to spray on before blow drying, with Arganoil for extra shine.


“Hair is most prone to breakage when wet, so brushing it through after a shower is bad news! Instead, comb through with a wide-toothed comb while your hair is coated in your favourite conditioner or repair mask. Avoid shampooing hair in hot water, as the heat can damage and dry the hair”, says Bruce.  “Use warm water and then a cool rinse as this will add extra shine whilst locking in vital moisture.

Quick tip: If your hair isn’t quite the glossy, lustrously shiny mane you wish for, a good regime, regular cuts and frequent treatments will help to get it on track. For a glossy sheen to enhance the healthiness of your hair – run a straightener through your tresses, and then apply a fine mist a shine-enhancing spray all over. Follow this with a quick blast from your hairdryer to lock in the gloss.”

Ultimate guide to glossy winter hair, FashionBite


“It’s not just the condition of your hair that can suffer the effects of Winter. Colour takes a hit, too. To maintain your colour as long as possible use a shampoo and conditioner, such as Sassoon Professional Illuminating Clean and Condition, that will lock in colour longer and leave your hair glossy and beautifully lustrous,” says Bruce.


I asked Bruce how to recreate some of the key hair looks that will take you through the remaining Winter weeks in style…

Sleek Ballet Buns

Ultimate guide to glossy winter hair, FashionBite

  1. Prep the hair with a smoothing serum or hair oil, such as Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish. This will give the hair a sleek finish and keep frizz at bay.
  2. Smooth the hair back into a low ponytail and secure with a band. Opt for a soft elastic to ensure that you do not snag or damage your hair.
  3. Twist the ponytail into a chignon, pinning to secure.

TOP TIP: Choose hair pins that match your hair colour for a flawless finish.

4. Finish with a strong-hold hair spray to keep these blistery winds at bay.

The High-Gloss Ponytail

Ultimate guide to glossy winter hair, FashionBite

  1. Prep the hair with a deep conditioning treatment, blow-dry and pull into a sleek ponytail.

TOP TIP: Dry your hair upside down so you are pulling the roots upwards which will make gathering your hair into a ponytail easier.

2. Using a generous amount of serum, smooth onto your hair from the hairline up to the top of the  ponytail and then comb through for a high gloss finish.

TOP TIP: Keep the crown of your ponytail shiny and slick and the length of it brushed out and full. This will ensure your ponytail looks purposeful and polished enough for winter cocktails.

Edgy Elegance

Ultimate guide to glossy winter hair, FashionBite

Rough-dry your hair until it is 90 per cent dry; then use a paddle brush to dry remaining hair pointing the nozzle down the hair-shaft.

1. Create a side-parting and take a front section of hair from either side of the parting.

2. Apply a smoothing serum and work through the front sections.

3.Gently pull the sections back low around the head and secure with kirby grips.

4. Finish with a light hairspray such as Sassoon Professional Motion Hold for the perfect finish.

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