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REVIEW: The Grill On The Market

REVIEW: The Grill On The Market

grill on the market

The Grill On The Market might be a chain, but when you step through the dark, sultry doors it doesn’t feel like one. Candlelit, discreet, it’s big and busy yet hushed – you can hear yourself think, but there’s a great Friday night atmosphere about the place.  We liked it instantly.

Quickly ordering what they purport to do best, a medium rare fillet steak, I felt comfortable in my choice – if they can’t do this well, what can they? The hunk of meat that appeared on the table (with some of the best fries I’ve tasted in  a while) was tender and easy to cut, complemented by a thick Diane sauce that I can still feel clogging my arteries (probably).  A bowl of mixed summer greens and a glass of good red wine finished off my dish, while my partner opted for the Sirloin steak – equally good, but a little less tender than my choice. I’d say this was more a matter of taste than the fault of the dish itself – if you prefer your steak soft and even a little sweet, always plump for a fillet.

Grill on the Market

I’m off to Leeds in a couple of weeks and plan to check out GOTM there – the Grilled Lobster with home-cut chips and Thermidor sauce sounds too good to miss.

For now, though, if you’re in the Clerkenwell area and fancy an easy meal, GOTM is a sturdy choice, especially for large groups. The staff are knowledgeable enough to help you navigate the extensive meat menu, but know when to leave you alone, too. The downside? Vegetarians are really not well catered for (prepare to be stuck with a Goat’s Cheese salad and very little else), but then again, we think it’s a little fanciful to assume a grill restaurant, on the site of London’s oldest meat market, serves any leaves at all.

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Where? The Grill On The Market, 2-3 West Smithfield, City of London, EC1A 9JX
020 7246 0900

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