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Disney Girls Gone Wild: Cinderella, Snow White And Ariel As Miley Cyrus

Disney Girls Gone Wild: Cinderella, Snow White And Ariel As Miley Cyrus

Belle as Miley Cyrus

Thought Miley Cyrus’ behaviour was a bad influence on your children? Then make sure their innocent eyes don’t fall upon these cartoons by Florence-based artist Michele Moricci, who re -imagined the world’s favourite Disney characters as wild child Miley for Cosmopolitan.

Sleeping Beauty Miley Cyrus

The Disney-gone-crazy star is gracing the cover of both Cosmopolitan UK and US for December, following a couple of months of controversial coverage.

Ariel Miley Cyrus

Moricci is clearly doing his best to conjur up as much publicity for the star as possible (as if she needed any more), taking the purest images of young innocence and corrupting them in ways only Miley knows how.


Cinderella’s twerking, Beauty and the Beast’s Belle is swinging around on a giant wrecking ball, and Ariel’s grown some legs in time to throw on a sparkly swimsuit.

Cinderella Miley Cyrus

These are a few of our favourite pictures from the collaboration, but Jasmine, Snow White, Tiana, Mulan and Pocahontas have all been given a wardrobe update too. Every fashion girl knows you can’t beat vintage, and in this case, it’s never been more true. Get the Disney girls back in their original outfits, immediately.

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