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Beautiful Birthday Cakes At Konditor & Cook

Beautiful Birthday Cakes At Konditor & Cook


This year brought my brother’s 21st birthday, meaning a special cake was in order. A huge fan of carrot cake (with hair to match), I knew exactly where I’d be ordering his special treat – Konditor & Cook, my favourite and arguably the best cake shop in London.

Proper British favourites are the order of the day at this sensational artisan shop, from Lemon Chiffon to Curly Whirly, Coffee Hazelnut to Almond St Clement. The Victoria Sponge revels in perfect simplicity, while the Coffee Walnut’s decadent flavours are truly potent – not my cup of tea but a favourite of several caffeine lovers I know.

Konditor & Cook’s Carrot Cake is a decadent affair, a moreish combination of ground hazelnuts and carrots baked into cinnamon spiced sponge layers, filled and covered with Lemon Zest frosting. 7″ round cakes feed around 8-12 people and cost £24 – great value considering the time and effort that goes into making each one (they can be piped with a message of your choice, too).

My favourite thing about the brand, though? The service is excellent. For any cake emergencies, enquiries, catering or bespoke orders, a dedicated Cake Hotline will put you in touch with a Cake Consultant to discuss anything you like. Cakes aren’t all they offer, though – choose from handmade, beyond excellent chocolate brownies, gingerbread men, truffles and biscuits online, or seek out of the London shops for plenty more treats made in store.

Special occasion coming up? Call the Cake Hotline to order yours, now: 020 7633 3333

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