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SPOILER ALERT: Main Character In New Bridget Jones Novel Axed

SPOILER ALERT: Main Character In New Bridget Jones Novel Axed


We were delighted to sit down on a Sunday afternoon with The Sunday Times Magazine and see that they’d scooped an exclusive excerpt from the new Bridget Jones novel, Mad About The Boy. Until it swiftly revealed that the Boy in question is most certainly not Mr Darcy. Why, you ask? Because he’s dead. Told you there was a spoiler.

Bridget Jones’ updated bio for 2013 reads like so:

Name: Mrs Darcy aka Bridget Jones

Age: 51, but 35 if anyone asks

Maritial Status: Widow.

That’s right, Helen Fielding has killed off Mr. Darcy and replaced him with a 29-year-old toyboy called Roxter. We knew Bridget could barely keep a relationship together, so there was bound to be some fragmentation in the new book, but really, Mr. Darcy? We’re not sure we can get behind it. Daniel Cleaver’s still sniffing around, making ‘inappropriate sexual advances’, and Bridge has two sprogs, Mabel and Billy. She’s working on a debut film script, so we know she’s climbed the ranks from the intrepid, guinea pig reporter we once knew, too.

Of course, we’re still desperate to read the new book (out October 10th), but what is a Bridget Jones novel if not a hilarious game of cat and mouse between Bridget and our hero Darcy? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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