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How’s Your Tech Life?

How’s Your Tech Life?

jessica alba pong case new york fashion week

Busy day, low battery by lunchtime. That’s the problem I’m faced with day after day, owing to an inbox brimming with emails (half of them junk, but I’m getting better at unsubscribing, kind of). After London Fashion Week and another heavy week of work, launches, parties and meetings, I decided it was time to upgrade my tech life.

After reading around, I decided I definitely needed something to power my phone when I’m on the go during the day, and could do with some wireless speakers that didn’t trip me up every time I walked into my room. I did some digging, tested the best of what I found, and fell in love with these life-changing items. Don’t call me a geek until you’ve tried them for yourself…

1. Q-BOPZ Speaker, £29.99,


This nifty little Q-BOPZ speaker’s best feature is the strong sucker pad at its base, which can be fixed at any angle to the wall, a mirror, windows, doors, the back of your phone – just about anything you want music to come out of pretty loudly. Sync up your phone, tablet or MP3 player and turn up the volume for seven hours of music – great for boat trips and car journeys.


2. Supertooth DISCO 2 Speaker, £74.95,


I loved the sheer practicality of this Supertooth speaker – no wires and a great quality sound. Great for the summer, they have a range of about 10m and can be connected to any Bluetooth A2DP device (iPhones, iPads, laptops, MP3 players, etc)  within about a minute of fiddling around with Bluetooth settings. Great for getting friends and family involved with what music to play, not so great when your boyfriend interrupts Alt J with ‘hilarious’ Family Guy quotes he’s streaming off YouTube.


3. Overboard Waterproof iPhone Case, £17.49,

overboard_iphoneI’m off on holiday in Jordan next week and was feeling concerned about getting my phone wet and dusty on diving trips, camel rides and at the beach. I’ve invested in one of these, which I tested with water at home and can safely say is completely airtight. I’m looking forward to feeling smug if it does happen to go overboard (fingers crossed we won’t have to test it fully!)


4. Juice Cube, £24.95, John Lewis

Juice CubeMy favourite gadget of them all, the Juice Cube is already a lifesaver. Simply charge at home like you would your phone (I do it whenever I’m charging my phone, if I’ve been using it heavily) and throw in your bag ready for disaster to strike. When your battery dies before a big meeting, during a festival or while you’re trying to meet a friend, simply plug into the Juice Cube and you’re immediately back in the loop. One charge gives about 70% battery on an iPhone – more than enough to get you to that party, and more importantly, home safe.


5. iPhone 4 Classic Pong Case, £39.99,

Pong iPhone 5 casey

Perfect if you get slightly paranoid about the health issues having a mobile on you all day every day might cause (but still can’t bear to take it off your bedside table), Pong cases are discreet and light. Snap it on, and radiation will be redirected away from you, without affecting signal strength. In fact, the case actively decreases broken signal.

Jessica Alba showed hers off at New York Fashion Week this season, and we’re happy to report we did the same in London. Armed with this and the Juice Cube at Somerset House, we were more organised for London Fashion Week SS14 than ever before. Just wish I’d packed the Overboard Case to test at Stella McCartney’s Adidas show…

Amy @ FashionBite xx

Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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