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Hero Product: Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

Hero Product: Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser


Dull, tired skin is something we’ve learnt to live with since taking up full time work in London – under eye bags, blocked pores and a dull complexion almost come with the territory when you’re faced with long commutes, changeable weather and thick smog every day.

Until recently, we’d almost given up trying to regain the more youthful glow we’d enjoyed pre-London life (granted, we were a few years younger, too). Then we were introduced to GinZeng Energy Boosting moisturiser by Origins, one of our favourite skincare brands. Promising to ‘rev up our radiance’, this little pot has been hailed as an energy drink for skin – we couldn’t wait to try it and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

It took a lot for us to make the switch from our regular moisturiser (Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel), but the smell of the product alone was enough to reel us in, giving off that zingy orange fragrance we’ve come to associate with Origins. The cream is lightweight and (crucially, because we’re prone to oily skin) oil-free, containing skin boosters coffee bean and Panax Ginseng . The pot is dinky, which might disappoint as it costs £23, but a little truly goes a long way.

After a week of applying this in the morning (we’d recommend a thicker cream at night) we spotted a noticeable difference in our skin – it was definitely perkier and felt hydrated without becoming greasy and congested. Cucumber, camomile and baikal skullcap work together as powerful anti-inflammatories, while dead surface skin cells are broken down throughout the day.

Perfect for commuters, or if you’re feeling the pressure at work, we highly recommend this moisturiser for summer, for a dewy glow that won’t leave you feeling shiny or greasy. A true hero product.

Amy @ FashionBite xx

Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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