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Modern Thai Cuisine At Rosa’s Cafe Soho

Modern Thai Cuisine At Rosa’s Cafe Soho


Rosa’s Thai Cafe aims to bring authentic Middle Eastern food to the heart of London, with a twist to suit modern tastebuds. Dreamed up by talented restaurateurs who were ‘Born in the East, raised in the East End’,  it’s laid-back and low key, without a whiff of the pretentious cool we’ve come to expect from little Soho eateries boasting big menus and bigger attitudes.

Crucially, Rosa’s serves Chang beer, which brought a smile to my face as memories of a month’s travelling in Thailand came flooding back with my first sip. After weeks of eating out in Asia it became clear that no Thai restaurant is complete without a plcture of the King hanging proudly on the wall, but at Rosa’s, there’s only one King to honour – Elvis Presley. Cool artwork displayed on the plain walls is enough to betray the modestly decorated establishment’s edgy surroundings –  an understated gesture that shows the owners are as in touch with the modern world as they are tradition.


As for the food, it was utterly refreshing to be served piping hot dishes that took neither too much or too little time to arrive on the table (it’s never a good sign when meals appear five minutes after they’re ordered). We attempted to try as much as possible, ordering Thai Calamari to start (a huge portion – enough for two to share) and Tom Yum soup. Food is available ‘Spicy’ or ‘Thai Spicy’ here – a nice touch for chilli enthusiasts looking to add a real kick to their dishes.

Though it was difficult not to fill up on the delicious starters, we did our best to save ourselves for our ample main course order. Thai Green Spaghetti just had to be tried and proved to be a brilliant combination I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of before – I might even attempt this at home, though I think it’s safe to say the results won’t be quite as successful…


Next up came Grilled Jumbo Prawns, Grilled Smoked Duck Breast, Chicken and Cashew Stir Fry and Brocolli In Oyster Sauce. Rounded off with a half portion of Phad Thai, we giggled as our table afforded an embarrassment of riches as dish after dish fought for space. Needless to say, we didn’t come close to finishing but everything we did consume was well prepared, undeniably fresh and unquestionably authentic.

Somehow we found room for dessert when a range of unusual ice creams (we tried green tea and mango) jumped out at us from the Rosa’s blackboard. What better way to finish a satisfying meal than with a diverse, palette-cleansing treat such as this? We almost wanted to go back to savoury and start all over again.

Amy @ FashionBite xx

Rosa’s Soho
48 Dean Street, London, W1D 5BF

020 7494 1638


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