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Clockjack Oven: The Only Chicken Shop You Need To Know About

Clockjack Oven: The Only Chicken Shop You Need To Know About


If 2012 was the year of the hotdog, 2013 is definitely all about the chicken. Springing up across London are restaurants dedicated to the nation’s favourite fast food, but as far as we’re concerned Clockjack Oven is the only establishment worth knowing about.

Wandering around Soho trying to think of somewhere to eat that won’t send us home crying into our receipts is up there with our least favourite things to do, so we’re glad to report we’ve found somewhere in the vicinity offering quality food at genuinely low prices.


Just behind Piccadilly Circus is Clockjack Oven, serving up humble rotisserie chicken dishes with chips, sauces and salad. Sounds a little boring, but the restaurant’s unique vertical ovens ensure that the meat is cooked to a level of perfection that requires no fancy dressing or presentation to distract from lack of flavour.


Long, wooden tables and soft lighting give this fast food joint a sexier feel than most chicken shops we’ve been in of late, but what immediately had us drooling were the dancing birds lighting up the back wall. Free range Breton chickens are placed in the Tudor-esque contraption that gives Clockjack its name – the first of its kind in the UK and we’re willing to bet certainly not the last.

Browning birds dance merrily over open flames as they cook, arriving to tables piping hot and juicy with that all-important crispy skin still intact. A whole chicken will set you back £18.95 and can easily be shared between three with fries, but it’s essential you don’t leave this establishment without trying the Crispy Chicken Bites. We could have talked about those succulent buttermilk and gram flour morsels for hours, but instead we ordered a second bowl before we’d even finished the first.


Clockjack Oven’s twice cooked chips deserve a mention for tasting far superior to how they looked – upon taking a bite we were shocked by how delicious they were considering their standard appearance. When we could tear ourselves away from the delectable Crispy Bites (also available in a wrap, otherwise known as a Torpedo), long enough to order mains, we chose a whole chicken with a healthy dollop of coleslaw and a few dips. Ranch and Chilli were a big hit with us but BBQ and Caesar are available too. Speedy and succulent, we couldn’t fault the meal and only regretted not ordering a salad when we saw some delicious looking plates fly past as a waitress took them over to other guests.


With friendly, efficient service and excellent food, Clockjack Oven is sure to go far. Rumour has it that the restaurant hopes to expand to become a chain of 15, located within the M25, over the next five years. As an Essex native, I couldn’t be happier with the news… Nandos who?

Amy @ FashionBite xx


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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