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BRGR.CO: They’ve Got Serious Beef

BRGR.CO: They’ve Got Serious Beef


“A simple burger is no accident. It is much greater than the sum of its parts”. This is the message that awaits you on the BRGR.CO website. I don’t know if I agree – its parts are tasty enough on their own.

BRGR.CO purports itself to be a high end greasy spoon, for people who like burgers proper. Ask for your meat well done and expect more than a raised eyebrow – the menu itself is at pains to explain that the quality of BRGR.CO’s lovingly prepared meat will drop significantly should diners make this schoolboy error. Lucky for them, I like my beef rarer than hen’s teeth.


Here, you start off by choosing a beef patty, either from 4oz ‘Original Blend’, 6oz ‘Tender Blend’ or the 8oz ‘Masterpiece’. I went straight down the middle with the Tender Blend, tempted by the mouth-watering description: “A PHENOMENAL BLEND OF THE MOST TENDER BEEF SERVED MEDIUM RARE TO MEDIUM TO PRESERVE THE JUICINESS AND THE FLAVOR”. Just how I like it.

I chose caramelised onions and crunchy fries to round things off, while my companions went for the more adventurous cheese and parmesan truffle. These didn’t look all that impressive when they landed on our table, but one bite soon changed our perceptions – light and crisp, they reminded me of Burger King fries (my all time fast food indulgence). The Parmesan Truffle isn’t for everyone, but if you’re already a fan this is a brilliant incarnation of the elegant treat.


I’ve started taking a vegetarian diner along with me to venues that champion their meat dishes, to get a better idea of how the dinner dilemmas faced by leaf eaters are being tackled at such establishments. At BRGR.CO, my veggie tester was pleased to report she felt adequately catered for, choosing from a sumptuous Falafel Burger or Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. With the help of a knowledgeable waitress, she went for the Mediterranean burger and couldn’t have been happier with the more than substantial plate that soon came her way.


Of course, a place like this is quite rightly all about the meat. So more on that – it was excellent. I love it when simple things are done truly well and BRGR.CO are clearly of the same philosophy. Sure, you’ve got the option to dress up your burger with an array of inventive sauces and sides (we recommend the Cajun Aioli) but here, it’s not just not necessary. Add a creamy milkshake to your order and you could forgive yourself for thinking you’ve landed in an all-American diner – with decidedly better decor.

For high end casual dining on the hop, you could do a lot worse than BRGR.CO.

Amy @ FashionBite xx

Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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