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‘MAN UP!’ Cocktails At Anise Bar & Lounge

‘MAN UP!’ Cocktails At Anise Bar & Lounge

Who better to sample ‘Man Up!’ cocktails than, well, a man? Guest Reporter Will Brown reviews Anise Cocktail Bar & Lounge…

I visited the Cinnamon Kitchen’s Anise bar on a depressing Monday evening in the coldest March for 50 years, suffering with a hefty dose of man flu for good measure. Luckily for me, the selection of creative, spice-infused cocktails and delicious Indian bar snacks on offer turned out to be the perfect antidote for my self-pity.

I first opened the drinks menu, appropriately, to their list of ‘MAN-UP!’ cocktails. Deciding to try something a little different, or perhaps out of a sense of morbid curiosity, I opted for the Chilli Chocolate Manhattan, topped off with a chilli cherry…with some chilli rice crackers to nibble on alongside. Needless to say if you’re a lover of all things chilli you will be spoilt for choice at Anise. Far from the fiery confusion my taste buds were prepped for, it was a surprisingly tasty combination that perked me up immediately. As one cocktail led to another, we were treated to yet more creative concoctions – a ‘Mocha 99’, with tequila, espresso and chocolate bitters; ‘Ghandi’s Gimlet’, with gin, lime and a touch of lychee; and an Almond and Pistachio Sour which was – if this isn’t too enthusiastic a way to describe a drink – incredible. And outside of their cocktail selection, I was pleased to see a decent variety of beers and wines to choose from, including London’s own Meantime Stout and Lager – a drink ironically difficult to find in the pubs of its birthplace of Greenwich.

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Alongside our drinks, we were able to sample several of the bar snacks on offer. In fact, to call them bar snacks would be doing them a massive injustice – with the lofty reputation of their sister-restaurant to live up to, the food selection at Anise didn’t disappoint. A variety of both meat and vegetarian dishes, from melt-in-your-mouth stir fried pork, to spiced lentil fritters, each complemented the cocktails beautifully. My favourite plate of the evening would have to be the Chilli Paneer – Indian cheese, battered and tossed in a chilli and garlic sauce. Sure, too many of these would be a fail-safe way to a heart attack, but oh what a delicious way to die.

Anise is certainly a breath of fresh air from the stuffy, uptight pretension that typically characterises most London cocktail bars; it’s unafraid to indulge the taste buds, take cocktail making a little less seriously and have a fun with its menu. What’s wrong with an adult beverage that’s bright turquoise? Why can’t you mix tequila with chocolate, and coffee, and cardamom? And who says you can’t top a cocktail off with a big dollop of whipped cream? You only live once, said someone, once. This is a bar I will definitely be returning to. And if they could just trade their background muzak for something that better reflected their menu then this is definitely somewhere I would regularly choose to wind down after a gruelling day at the office.

Will @ FashionBite xx

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  • Ben

    Haha bugger!

    Akin to a bad-hair-day, you caught us on a dodgy lift-music-day!
    The playlist was being updated by one of our fantastic Friday-night DJ’s (two of them have a residency at Koko doncha know) and so we had to revert to a stock-selection for a night.
    During the week you can normally expect a chilled mix of everything from Julio Bashmore to Jazz-covers of Nirvana’s lithium; we’re quite proud of our music selection.
    Delighted you liked the food and drinks. Do come again!


    Manager, Anise



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