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Banish Bank Holiday Hangovers With Sick Note

Banish Bank Holiday Hangovers With Sick Note


Anticipating a big night out over the Bank Holiday? It might be an idea to note down this incredible new website, dedicated to making life better when a killer hangover threatens to ruin your time off. promises to deliver creature comforts to anyone feeling a little sorry for themselves, due to a night on the sauce, heartbreak, homesickness or even pregnancy. Branding itself ‘the alternative gifting service for those who want more for their loved ones’, the site can help you send the ultimate care package to a friend or relative in need at a moment’s notice.


Divided into categories, the care packs on offer are tailored to particular occasions but remain totally adaptable to the needs of the recipient. ‘Sick & Tired’ caters to new parents with a comforting cocktail of chocolate, fennel tea, Bio Oil and rescue remedy to help them power through sleepless nights, while ‘Love Sick’ treats malaise of the heart with a votive candle, shampoo, body wash and an all-important copy of romance novel The Great Gatsby. If anything can restore your faith in love, it’s this beautiful bundle.

We tested the service on a certain someone following a night of serious partying and can confirm it was greatly received. We diagnosed his symptoms and deduced the ‘Sick As A Dog’ pack was most appropriate, ordering a pack to be sent to his central London office as he struggled through the day.


2 hours later we revealed ourselves as the mystery benefactors when Twitter exploded with appreciative messages to whichever hangover hero sent over a vitamin drink, Nurofen, a delicious healthy ready meal, a copy of GQ magazine, a protein-filled snack bar, DVD, Berocca, mints and more.

At £34.99, the product isn’t particularly cheap, but the thoughtful and generous nature of the idea makes it easy to justify spending so much. If you’re after some serious brownie points, send a Sick-Note to a friend in need… and if it’s you that’s ailing, why not treat yourself? When hair of the dog won’t cut it, sometimes blatant self-indulgence is the only hangover cure worth trying…

Amy @ FashionBite xx


Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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