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Lichtenstein Retrospective At The Tate (A Must-See!)

Lichtenstein Retrospective At The Tate (A Must-See!)

Lichtenstein at the Tate, FashionBite review

The Tate Modern’s latest exhibition is a playful look at Pop Art through the eyes of Roy Lichtenstein, one of the founding fathers of the Pop Art genre and the artist behind the iconic cartoon strip paintings, featuring bold primary colours and heavy black lines. If you’re looking for a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon – a visit to the Lichtenstein, followed by a walk along London’s SouthBank and lunch with friends is the perfect day in my eyes….

Lichtenstein at the Tate, FashionBite

The retrospective is the first comprehensive exhibition of Lichtenstein’s art since his death and traces the artist’s progression of style, with clear influences from the art deco and cubism movements. In his early pop paintings, such as Look Mickey 1961 and Whaam! 1963 (pictured above), he imitated the industrial techniques of comic books with a palette of primary colours, heavy black outlines and Benday dots.

It is this style which Lichtenstein is most famous for and walking round the exhibition it’s amazing to see some of these paintings in the flesh. It almost feels like a cliche, as they’ve been replicated so much over the years, but this radical style enabled him to reflect on the condition of painting in an age of mass media. If you work in branding, advertising or media this is a must-see exhibition!

Lichtenstein at the tate, FashionBite

Throughout his career, Lichtenstein transformed already existing images, not just comic strips but works of art by the likes of Piccasso and Matisse, in order to question the role of the artist and what painting means in a post-industrial world.

Lichtenstein at the tate, FashionBite

Lichtenstein at the tate, FashionBite

Lichtenstein’s art is not so overloaded with meaning that you need to spend hours studying each painting, but it will make you smile, it’s playful, fun and the new Tate Retrospective is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective, at the Tate Modern. 21 February – 27 May 2013

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