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15 Minutes To Christmas Party Hair…Expert Tips!

15 Minutes To Christmas Party Hair…Expert Tips!

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We”ll all be there at some point over the next few weeks; it’s the work Christmas party and you’ve got 30 minutes to change, do your hair/make-up…and all in the office toilets! So, we chatted to Sassoon Creative Director Bruce Masefield to get some top tips on how you can spruce up your look in 15 minutes…


Festive hair looks can be more natural and carefree, think understated chic. Instead of blow drying your hair straight, let the natural texture shine through. After shampooing hair the night before, divide hair into four sections and braid loosely and leave to dry naturally over night. Once you have the texture in your hair, you can choose to leave it down or throw it up into a high loose ponytail or low dishevelled chignon. Don’t over think this when creating the look, as the hair should not look perfect. Wisps of hair that escape around the hair lines only add to the flirtatious feeling of the look.


Short party hair looks are fun and simple to achieve. To glam up your crop, try adding a small amount of wax to create a quiff or swept away style. If you’re looking for a simpler, pared down finish, slick your hair back behind your ears and secure at the nape of your neck with grips to ensure the wow factor.

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For a simple yet effective look from day to night, switch your parting for added oomph. Apply a super reflective spray shine to give your low side sweep that extra glamour and sparkle. Side partings will also soften facial features for a youthful effect. If you’re looking for extra volume, then back comb the roots a little and you’re good to go…


  • Make use of the hand dryer in the restroom, turn your head upside down and blow-dry your hair for a burst of volume.
  • A slick ponytail can accentuate features, whilst removing annoying tendrils of hair. It also works well with heavily embellished dresses, not detracting from the focus of the outfit.
  • A side parting can work wonders to refresh your look, giving it a new edge for evening.
  • If you’re prone to frizzy hair, use a leave-in conditioner  in the week up to the party to help prevent frizz on the night.
  • Loosen up the hair and apply your favourite hairspray to complete a rock and roll glamorous finish. I recommend Sassoon Professional, Motion Hold

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Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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