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For The Best Birthday Ever… BonBon Balloons!

For The Best Birthday Ever… BonBon Balloons!

It was my best friend’s birthday this month – but tell me, what do you buy a very successful shoe designer of highly unpredictable, eclectic taste? A BonBon Balloon, so it seems.

I came across these little beauties in Stylist magazine, and soon found that I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Forget dated balloon archways and tacky number balloons, Rebecca Moyster’s creations match the preferences of the recipient – does your friend like animals? Ask for strings featuring cute little critters. Do they love pastel colours? Request a selection of shades you’d like to see. The more detail you provide BonBon Balloons with, the more personal your gift becomes. Provide a short message, and it will be printed in a dinky card attached to the gorgeous string created especially for the receiver.

I just had to see them for myself, and opted for a red balloon with a beautiful, multi-coloured string made from sweet little paper circles. It’s great fun to see a beautiful burst of colour rise from a boring white box – the perfect gift to have sent to someone’s doorstep.

In my opinion, the website’s pièce de résistance comes in the form of a transparent balloon filled with multi-coloured tissue paper – they’re truly individual and look beautiful as the balloons catch the light. Why not replace bridesmaid’s bouquets with them, or place them around the house for a party. A real conversation starter – my friend was thrilled!

All balloons £25

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  • They are seriously cute and a good find – a great addition to my Anniversary present this year! 😉 Thanks for sharing – Happy Birthday..x

  • Hey,
    No problem-glad you like them! Happy Anniversary too. x


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