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ADAM Journey Fashion Film (With Fred Butler, Louise Gray & James Small)

ADAM Journey Fashion Film (With Fred Butler, Louise Gray & James Small)

Fred Butler with the Vauxhall ADAM 'SLAM' at FashionBite

One of my most exciting events over London Fashion Week had to be the ADAM Journey fashion film launch at Freemason’s hall on the final day.

Three up and coming designers, Fred Butler, Louise Gray & James Small had been asked to take a model from the Vauxhall range and design a one-off piece to embody them and their design aesthetic. Each designer was given a separate model, which Vauxhall had chosen specifically for them, SLAM, GLAM & JAM. Each model represented something different, and this allowed each designer to really create what they thought was their design identity into the individual models.

The film was short but very inspirational. It documented the design process between mentor and designer, gave us an insight into each of the designers personalities, and also gave us a personal view of where they choose to work with shots of their studios.

The collaboration was a success and each car model looked beautiful and unique in itself. Fred (top) used her signature of creating geometric shapes in bold colours and applied them to the outer shell of the car to create a 3Dimensional form, this definitely held some design aspects of her AW12 Collection, and out of the three I would say was the most futuristic.

Louise Gray with the Vauxhall ADAM 'JAM' at FashionBite

Louise Gray, known for her use of innovative fabrication techniques and combination of embellishment and interesting textile choices, chose to design a more outlandish design of the three. Definitely true to herself as a designer, the car featured a beautiful hand-made textile which was then applied as streamers to the front and side windows, featuring aspects of her SS13 collection with a glow in the dark effect scattered throughout the layers of fabric.

James Small with the Vauxhall ADAM 'GLAM' at FashionBite

James Small, personally my favourite of the three designs, chose to focus on his trademark which is print, I found this the most appropriate of the three designs, as not only was it creative but aesthetically beautiful, it actually looked most relevant, as the car looked sleek, cool and the application of his trademark camouflage tiger print merged perfectly with the model he had been given.

I managed to catch up with Fred & James after the screening, and asked them a few questions in regards to the project and their design process when applying it to something so far from what they are known for.

Fred told me she was raised around cars, having a dad as a motor trader, she was always interested in what he was doing and the model she was given, SLAM, fitted perfectly with her personality as it was street/sporty, not far from the designer’s aesthetic. Going to Germany was a highlight for Fred, having been able to dissect the Vauxhall production process and then create a small model of the car she was going to have created as part of her signature. Her personal design was inspired by the colour scheme of SLAM, and also her style of taking geometric shapes and morphing them around a form to create a 3D result. She told me she would love to do something for an actual car company, as opposed to just a one off piece, so watch this space-  Fred Butler may just be invading our driveways as well as our wardrobes!

James came across very cool as soon as we sat down, which fitted in perfectly with not only his design aesthetic but the model he had been given GLAM – sleek and cool, the car for the glamorous yet refined customer. Having been supported by Vauxhall for two years now, James was thrilled as soon as they asked him specifically to be involved in the project. He told us he regularly references motors and automobiles in his menswear designs, so it wasn’t too difficult to get into this particular project, where the end result was a car as opposed to a catwalk collection. Fashion print is James’ calling and he was particularly inspired by streetwear, camouflage and the unique tiger stripe which is often overlooked by those who aren’t that interested in print. The final design resulted in a beautiful print, all in one colour finished off with a signature paisley which often features in this designers collection. Elegant & bold, James really took this challenge and made it his own, which resulted in a stunning car.

I tried to catch 2 minutes with Louise, but she scurried off straight after the film – a busy lady with all her Topshop collaborations (or maybe just shy?)

Michael-Caleb @FashionBite xx

Emily Seares is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist and the founding editor of FashionBite. She was featured in VOGUE's Digital Powerlist Top 100 and is a quoted style expert for most national newspapers and magazines.

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