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Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton “the spiritual homeland of pop subculture”

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton “the spiritual homeland of pop subculture”

New Mods, old Rockers, Rude Boys, fly girls, pinheads and surfers, the Hotel Pelirocco has made your bed, and you better lie in it. Our stay at the legendary seafront hotel proved once and for all that Brighton is the capital of the saucy stop-over – outrageous, hectic and unusual, the Hotel Pelirocco is the spiritual homeland of pop subculture.

After an idyllic sunset drive along Brighton seafront, we arrived in the rather demure Regency Square, unsure what to expect. Upon entering the hotel, frenetic wallpaper, haphazard wall hangings and posters of rock n’ roll stars told us that here, the beauty really is in the detail.

Of the hotel’s 19 bespoke bedrooms, we were lucky enough to experience a night in the ‘Pinup Parlour’, a fabulously decadent tribute to smouldering screen siren Diana Dors. An ostentatious four poster bed with satin sheets and an extravagant canopy immediately set the tone, complementing the glittery wallpaper (!) and luxurious furniture. A backstage mirror with mega-watt lightbulbs completed the vampish setup – it was every girl’s dream bedroom!

Photographs and newspaper cuttings were scattered about the room, detailing the tumultuous life of the English actress, and they make for some interesting reading. Diana called herself “the first home-grown sex symbol, rather like Britain’s naughty seaside postcards”. After three divorces, she died aged 52 of ovarian cancer, leaving behind an estimated £2million fortune – which she’s believed to have salted away in a secret bank account with the access code DMARYFLUCK — after her real name, Diana Mary Fluck. The money has never been traced.

The thought and planning behind the room’s decor is fascinating – I thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through the memorabilia thoughtfully collected by the room’s designer, learning more about England’s answer to Marilyn Monroe. The staff at the Hotel Pelirocco had gone to painstaking lengths to ensure that each room in the hotel provides an experience as absorbing as mine.

The ‘Rough Trade Rough Nite’ room features a library of vintage records and headphones, inviting visitors to pore over its extensive collection of music and enter a paradise of listening pleasure, surrounded by posters of their favourite bands. ‘Sputnik’ will literally transport you to another world, decorated in silver and blue to mirror the inside of a space-age capsule, while Russian Revolution enthusiasts can explore Soviet chic in the ‘Stoli’ salon.

Before heading to bed, we enjoyed a drink at the Pelirocco Bar, plastered with Britpop memorabilia and achingly cool drawings. The cocktail list was extensive – we’d like to return and try them all!  The perfect breakfast was served promptly the next morning in the same room, including tea, coffee, cereals and a selection of delicious hot food, ranging from a Full English to toast and Marmite. We didn’t think it could get better, until we were reminded that the meal is included in the cost of your room!

I’d thoroughly recommend a stay at the Hotel Pelirocco – the staff were friendly and helpful, the room was delightful and the location was perfect. Easily the most colourful place to stay in the country’s fruitiest destination, it’s a must-see for anyone who’s tired of the average hotel room. Thanks for having us!

Amy @ FashionBite xx

(Amy was a guest of the Hotel Pelirocco)

Amy Everett is FashionBite's food and travel editor, she also writes for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian Travel, Stylist, Shortlist, Red, Cosmopolitan and more.

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