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REVIEW: ‘Prends Moi’ – The World’s First Weight-Loss Perfume?!

REVIEW: ‘Prends Moi’ – The World’s First Weight-Loss Perfume?!

Prends Mois, the world's first weight loss perfume, review at FashionBite

When we heard about a new perfume to help you lose weight we at FashionBite HQ- along with  6000 other women who put their names on a waitlist – were desperate to try it. Call it a perk of the job – yes there are a few – but we were lucky enough to jump the queue when Velds sent us a bottle of their LEGENDARY Prends Moi. So, the question on GLOSSY lips across the country…does it work?

The Science Bit

Joyce Musy, CEO at Velds told FashionBite that there were two ideas behind the revolutionary scent. Firstly, most women (and men) throughout the world wear some kind of scent, and of these women (and men) most would like to lose weight. Secondly, smelling something nice, releases the same endorphins as snacking. Since most of us would rather not be snacking why not, when we see a Hobnob, give the brain something else (something fat free) to make it happy?

Prends Moi also contains ingredient Betaphroline which, when sprayed on skin reacts with B-endorphins which encourage pleasurable feelings and “reduce compulsive eating behaviours, which are most of the time caused by anxiety and stress.” It also contains a ‘slimming complex’ of lipolitic (fat degrading) ingredients caffeine, carnitine and spirulina which activate fat-breaking enzymes, meaning it can be massaged into  problem areas to break down fat and sculpt the body.

The Fun Bit

Last week, we donned our lab coats at FashionBite HQ and tested the xxx scent. The first thing we found was that for a fragrance with so much science behind it, it smells surprisingly pretty and undeniably French. Our second finding was one we’ve noticed before when testing weight-loss products. Subjects (that’s us) become more aware of diet and generally make healthier food choices. We’re not sure if this is a deliberate effect of the perfume, but for a side-effect it’s not a bad one!

The most interesting thing we found, however, was that when the urge to snack did arise a spritz of perfume did seem to curb it. It might have been our new dietary awareness, or the novelty of using the scent, or it might just have been that our endorphins had been awakened and the perfume had done it’s job.

The Results

It is not surprising then, that a survey by French research group BIO-EC found that 75% of non-dieting women aged 18-70 said it limited their need to snack. 70% agreed they experienced a feeling of well-being, and 75% reported it had a pleasant fragrance they would wear. We at FashionBite agree with these findings. Perhaps it is too early to judge for sure, but Prends Moi does seem to have an effect on diet and with top notes of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit and a low alcohol content (alcohol is terribly calorific remember) it does have a pleasant everyday smell which, if all else fails is great for disguising the smell of freshly baked brownies.

Fancy trying it for yourself? The good people at Velds sent us a second bottle which we will be giving away to one lucky reader. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more information.

FashionBite xx

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