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The Undercut – Would You Go There?

David Bowie Undercut, FashionBite

The Undercut – Would You Go There?

The Undercut, a unisex haircut where the top section of hair is kept long and the side or underneath are shaved close to the scalp,  has been experiencing something of a revival over the past couple of years with models like Alice Dellal, pop-stars like Rihanna and even Will Smith’s 11-year-old daughter all employing it to add a little ‘edge’ to their look. Made famous by the likes of David Bowie in the 1980s, has this once ground-breaking statement ‘do become a little bit mainstream?

Earlier this month two very different stars publicly debuted their take on the edgy hair-cut. First 19-year-old ex-Disney kid Miley Cyrus tweeted pictures of her new peroxide-blonde undercut and was met with an onslaught of horrified tweets from hundreds of devastated followers. Good news for punks, the undercut is as provocative as ever …if you’re a Miley Cyrus fan.

Days later 47-year-old mother of three Yasmin Le Bon premiered her more mature approach to the punky style, having shorn her trademark long brown locks into something short, shaved and somehow very chic.

But what does this mean? Is the shocking style, once reserved for innovative punk rockers and rebellious teenagers (no offense Miley) now main-stream enough that we can all have a go? Factor in the knowledge that Miley’s look was created by Chris McMillan, the Hollywood hair-stylist who invented ‘the Rachel’, and we might just be onto something. McMillan’s signature 1990’s mid-length, choppy layers  turned Jennifer Anniston into a hair icon, copied by women in their droves throughout the decade.

So, with some of the year’s biggest fashion and beauty trends already taking inspiration from the nineties grunge movement, is the undercut set to be ‘the Rachel’ of the decade? Will you be reaching for the razor? Do let us know!

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