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MUST SEE: ‘The Eye Has To Travel’ A Documentary On The Legendary Diana Vreeland

MUST SEE: ‘The Eye Has To Travel’ A Documentary On The Legendary Diana Vreeland

“I wasn’t a fashion editor, I was the one and only fashion editor” drawls Diana Vreeland over the trailer, the most feared yet influential woman of the 20th century. ‘The Eye Has To Travel’ is a documentary which celebrates the life of the marvel that was, Diana Vreeland.

The ex-editor of Harper’s Bazaar would have seen, felt and experienced things we could only dream of: mixing in the upper of circles, frequenting the most glamorous hangouts, socialising with the greats at a time that will forever be ingrained into pop culture history. Now we can see what she saw, through those powerful dark brown eyes with snippets of past interviews and grainy footage.

Vreeland had the most extraordinary eye for style from art, to fashion and music and could spot potential before anyone else had the chance to blink. She would nurture them into an icon, having been cited as discovering Lauren Bacall, Edie Sedgwick and launching Twiggy, and knew exactly what she wanted and how it would happen.

Hearing the words in the trailer from the lady herself, she captivates you with such passion when she is talking about her world (and the world did belong to Vreeland) that she puts you in utter awe. Anyone who can get fired from Vogue and still leave such a legacy behind, is made of an extremely powerful substance. The film includes various designers who had the pleasure of working or knowing the great editor from Anna Sui and Diane Von Furstenberg, to Calvin Klein and Manolo Blahnik.

The film, directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, debuted at Venice Film festival last year and is set for release next month to the public. We already have our popcorn warming in the wings, ready and waiting to gain more of an understanding of Diana Vreeland, the ultimate matriarch of fashion.

MUST SEE: 'The Eye Has To Travel' Diana Vreeland, FashionBite

“Never fear being vulgar, only boring.” Diana Vreeland

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